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6 - Muscular

Winger List 6 - Muscular system terms

6 - Muscular system6 - Muscular definitions
ab away from, not
apo away from, separation, lack
asthenia weakness
cele hernia
cine move, movement
kine move, movement
contra against, counter, opposite
dis apart, separation, away from
ex out, away from, beyond
fascia sheet, band
my muscle
pect chest
pro in front of, before
spasm involuntary contraction
tens stretch
trophy development, growth
vuls twitch, pull
-ion process, action, result of
-ation process, action, result of
-ition process, action, result of
-ization process, action, result of
-or one that performs an action
ADL activities of daily living
amb ambulate, walk
BR bed rest
CBR complete bed rest
HOB head of bed
HS hour of sleep, bedtime
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
OOB out of bed
PT Physical Therapy
ROM range of motion
w/c wheelchair
Created by: dWinger