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Constant Q's

Allied Health Finals

What percent indicates a normal oxygen saturation? 95%
Which of the following oxygen delivery devices allows the client to eat and speak comfortably while it is in use? Nasal Cannula
Which of the following classifications of drugs increases the diameter of the airways of the lungs? Bronchodilators
Which of the following disorders is the main reason to use incentive spirometry? Atelectasis
What type of health care provider would a doctor refer a patient to for help with improving their ability to perform tasks in their daily living and working environments? Occupational Therapist
What type of health care professional assesses, treats, and rehabilitates deficits in hearing and balance? Audiologist
How many inches should be between the axilla and the axillary bra of the crutches? 2 inches
What type of healthcare professional can perform surgery on the eye? Opthalmologist
Which of the following disorders is another name for nearsightedness? Myopia
What is the medical term for "lazy eye"? Amblyopia
Where should medications labeled for otic use be placed? In the ear
Distance vision should be tested at how many feet? 20 ft
What is the medical abbreviation for the left eye? OS
Which eye disorder usually occurs in people after age 40? Presbyopia
What mental health personnel is responsible for arraning adoptions and foster homes? Social Worker
What BMI is considered normal? 22
What occupation would be more likely to perform research about the effects of exercise on the human body? Exercise Physiologist
What career focuses on improving sports performance? Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
What would be considered objective data? Limited range of motion noted
What is the purpose of cold therapy? To reduce swelling
A strain is an injury on what body part? Tendons
What nutrient is your body's main source of energy? Carbohydrates
What food is an example of a carbohydrate? Peas
What nutrient is considered the body's building blocks? Proteins
How many mL has a client consumed by eating 3 teaspons of Jell_O and 9oz of milk? 285mL
What position is the client in if he is lying on his back looking up at the ceiling? Supine
What client position would be best for administering an enema? Sims'
What is used to prevent plantar flexion? Footboard
When you are moving a client up in bed, how should the head of the bed be positioned? As flat as the client can tolerate
The type of cane that has four legs and a handlebar the patient can grip is a ... Walk cane or hemiwalker
A lighted instrument used to examine the inside of the lower part of the lareg intestine is a ... Sigmoidoscope
What is the assessment technique called when a physician uses her hands to feel various parts of the body? Palpation
What must patients with dysphagia never be offered? A straw
What would a female patient have for a yearly physical exam? GYN
A wooden instrument used to scrape cells from the cervix is called ... An ayer blade
What would be done on a routine physical exam? VS
What position would a patient be placed in for a Papanicolaou test? Lithotomy
A patient has been positioned flat on the table with her knees bent and feet apart. What is the name of this position? Dorsal Recumbent
Dysphagia is defined as ... Difficulty in swallowing
Before feeding the patient hot food, the nurse assistant would ... Test hot liquids on wrist
Created by: cmfrench138