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English Exam 2

Terms/Themes to Know

Pastoral Poetry Countryside, shepherds, farmers, romanticized, idealized, unrealistic. (Majesty of the countryside) EX:) Marlowe
Coterie Writing Circulating manuscript for select audiences - women would often do this - Restoration + 18th Century - could be published with out without consent Audience - Female Friends Felt freer to express themselves than if they had a wide audience
Carpe Diem "Seize the day!" EX:) Herrick, Marvell
Satire Who: Jonathan Swift (Modest Proposal and Description of Morning), and Shakespeare (Twelfth Night) Why: Improve/Point out faults - Indirectly criticizing
Female Writers Lady Mary Wroth "A Crown of Sonnets Dedicated to Love" #77 Margaret Cavendish "A True Relation of my Birth, Breeding, and Life Mary, Lady Chudleigh "To the Ladies" Aphra Behn "Ornooko" Mary Leapor "The Headache to Aurealia" Anne Finch "The Intro"
Metaphysical Poetry Comparison of unlike objects (Physical and Emotional) EX:) Donne
Created by: MelittaMarkey