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SAT Bootcamp [6.2]

Vocabulary for Week 6 Day 2 of SAT Bootcamp

aborigines earliest known inhabitants of a country
adulation high praise
austere severe, stern, unadorned
cognizant aware, informed, known
convene to meet, come together, assemble
corpulent bulky, very fat, fleshy
disparage to belittle, to speak disrespectfully about
entail involve a necessary effort, need, require, necessitate
indigenous native to, produced naturally in the area
innumerable too many to count
interpose to insert; to intervene
laconic brief, sparing of words, concise
malicious dictated by hatred or spite
megalomania delusion of grandeur from mental disorder
pluralistic including a variety of groups
rescind to repeal, cancel
saturate soak
slipshod careless, hasty
speculation contemplation; act of taking business risks for financial gain
tirade extended scolding; denunciation; long violent speech; verbal assault
Created by: alicewithlove