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Paradise Lost

Milton's Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost, Book #1 Satan as a hero: - "woe is me" I don't deserve this - perseverance - trying to become a martyr - self deception - pictured as bigger - underdog - sympathy - free will - powerful leader - focus is on him - boasting - noble undertones
Paradise Lost, Book #2 Satan as a hero: - still to his "people"; gives them HOPE - volunteered to go into the Abyss NOT a hero: - plotting downfall of man - forgetting about his son
Moloch Who: Strongest fighter, very angry, no fear. Proposal: Open war Why: Hell can't get any worse, all of the fallen angels are still from Heaven, wants revenge
Belial Who: Softy, fair, graceful yet deceitful Proposal: NO WAR Why: God can make hell worse, no chance besides God's mercy, doesn't want to die, Heaven is guarded, Cannot fool God, would rather get used to Hell (called LAZY)
Mammon Who: Optimist, Treasure Proposal: NO WAR Why: Build hell up to make it "better", rather be free in hell than a servant in Heaven, Get used to hell
Beƫlzebub Who: Satan's BFF Proposal: Take over Earth Why: It was Satan's plan to get back at Earth
Satan Says he will sacrifice so he can be the hero!
Created by: MelittaMarkey