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Twelfth Night

Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

What is a Prose? Looks like ordinary speech, no pattern of accents, goes to the ends of the lines, has standard capitalization.
Who speaks in Prose? Viola/Feste & Sebastian/Feste = when speaking to lower class they speak in prose Sir Toby = supposed to be speaking in blank Maria Malvolio = strictly speaks in prose BUT he thinks he is the bees knees.
What is happening in a Prose? Everyday life, explanations, low comedy, madness, OFTEN lower class
What is Rhymed Verse? Aa bb cc dd, doesn't fill the page. first words of each line are capitalized, songs can have more complex rhyme schemes
Who speaks in Rhymed Verse? Feste's Song (1237)
What is happening in Rhymed Verse? Advice, morals, lyrics, songs, supernatural
What is Blank Verse? Iambic Pentameter, unrhymed, doesn't go to the end of lines, first words of each line are capitalized, sometimes has single rhymed couplet at the end of speech or scene called a capping couplet.
Who speaks in Blank Verse? Viola (1245) - voice in her head is upper class Antonino/second officer arresting him
What is happening in Blank Verse? Expressing passion, introspection, momentous occasions, refinement of character, OFTEN upper class characters.
Who loves who? Orsino loves Olivia Oliva loves Cesario Cesario/Viola loves Orsino
Twelfth Night History It is a holiday - epiphany *when the three wise men arrive* - January 6th - End of the 12 days of Christmas Night of January 5th People traded roles: opposite gender, low becomes high, vice versa Celebrations: Singing, plays, etc. ENDS AT MIDNIGHT
Viola/Cesario Gender reversal - not supposed to be like this
Andrew and Toby (Olivia's Uncles) Idiot and Drunk - aristocrats - not supposed to be like this
Maria Partially serious Very intelligent, devious (SERVANT)
Malvolio Super serious In love with Olivia (STEWARD)
Contemporary Love (Marlowe, Raleigh, Donne...) Metaphors Idealized Serious Pastoral/Carpe Diem
Twelfth Night Love Makes fun of love Not realistic because it is over the top yet realistic because love is messy People do dumb stuff in the name of love Relatable *Love is presented in an unrealistic situation but presented in a realistic emotion
Resolutions: YES Viola is now female Viola is with Orsino (same class) Malvolio is not in prison Viola and Sebastian find out identities Sebastian and Antonio resolved Antonio in jail still - he is a pirate Andrew doesn't marry Olivia
Resolutions: NO Malvolio gets to decide the fate of his plotters Antonio is still in jail Maria marries Toby Andrew duped by Toby
Lessons: Life is unfair Not everything words out the way it should Class isn't as important as society makes it out to be
Created by: MelittaMarkey