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Drugs and effects

Signs and Symptoms of Opiates Heroin, oxycodone -Hypoventilation -respiratory arrest -pinpoint pupils -Hypotension -Sedation or coma
Signs and Symptoms of Sympathomimetics Cocaine, epinephrine, albuterol, methamphetamine -Hypertension -Tachycardia -Dilated pupils -Agitation or seizures -Hyperthermia
Signs and Symptoms of Sedative-hypnotics diazepam [valium], secobarbital [Seconal], flunitrazepam [Rohypnol] -Slurred speech -Sedation or coma -Hypoventilation -Hypotension
Signs and Symptoms of Anticholinergics atropine, Jimson weed -Tachycardia -Hyperthermia -Hypertension -Dilated pupils -Dry skin and mucous membranes -Sedation, agitation, seizures, coma, or delirium -Decreased bowel sounds
Signs and Symptoms of Cholinergics pilocarpine, nerve gas -Excess defecation or urination -Muscle fasciculations -Pinpoint pupils -Excess lacrimation (tearing) or salivation -Airway compromise -Nausea or vomiting
DTs (delirium tremens) A severe withdrawal syndrome seen in alcoholics who are deprived of ethyl alcohol; characterized by restlessness, fever, sweating, disorientation, agitation, and seizures; can be fatal if untreated.
What is the narrowest part of the uterus? The cervix
What is PID Pelvic Inflammatory disease: Infection of uppermost organs of reproduction, occurs almost exclusively in sexually active women, can result in ectopic pregnancy or sterility, most common sign is generalized lower abdominal pain.
What is Bacterial vaginosis normal bacteria in the vagina is replaced by an overgrowth of other bacterial forms, Symptoms may include itching, burning, or pain and may be accompanied by a "fishy" foul smelling discharge.
What are the side effects of epinephrine Anorexia, n/v, nervousness, tremors, pallor, headache, syncope, dizziness, and insomnia.
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