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Stack #142839

Art of the Western World part 5

Which of the following were necessary in order to build skyscrapers? Steel and reinforeced concrete.
Which of the following would most likely be seen in a painting by one of the fauvists? Bold colors that seem unrelated to the pleasant subject matter
Kathe Kollwitz used expressive forms to convey socialist messages
An artist who believed that artistic feeling could be expressed through pure color was Kandinsky
Which of the following artists did not belong to one of the German expressionist groups? Malevich
Les Demoiselles d'Avgnon is on of Picasso's early experiments with cubism
Why is collage an important step in the development of cubism Picasso and Braque used it to experiment with putting forms back together in a nonillusionistic way.
Dada was a movement that pointed out the absurdity in modern life.
Analytic cubism differs from synthetic cubism in that Analytic cubist paintings look faceted; synthentic cubist paintings look like they could be made of colored construction paper
An artist who is associated with futurism is Boccioni
A style that uses simple geometric forms, like squares, to express artistic feeling is supermatism
A painting that seems to display automatism is Miro's painting
Who of the following architects did not work in the international style? Sullivan
Fallingwater shows Frank Lloyd Wright's intresting organic architechure
Frida Kohlo's paintings typically are surrealist self-portraits
Surrealism is associated with the ideas of Sigmund Freud
The work of Mark Rothko is considered color field abstract expressionism.
Jackson Pollock's paiting is like automatism
An artist famous for dripping and pouring paint on unprimed canvas is Helen Frankenthaler
Clement Greenberg's philosophy of art is callled formalism
Robert Rauschengerg's Canyon is an assemblage
The artist associated with the happening is Allan Kaprow
Pop art draws its imagery from commom, mass-produced objects
Rober Smithson is best known for his earthworks
Cindy Sherman's photographs often show the artist herself in sterotypically female roles
Hean Tinguely's Homage to New York self-distructed
An artist who is associated with new image art is Susan Rothenberg
The Style of Anselm Kiefer's work is called neo-expressionism because it combines expressionism with surrealism and abstract expressionism
Phot-relist artists will often paint in a way that shows the distortions of photography
Christo and Heanne-Clause's Running Fence can be considered both public art, and an installation
postmodern architects use historical references in a playful manner
Frank Gehry's Greggenheim Mussium Bilbao refers to a building by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Created by: ang888