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Stack #142818

Art of the Western World part 4

Which of the following works pictured in stokstad would best fit the French academy's definition of a history painting? Kauffman's Cornelia Pointing to her Children as her Treasures
Th most important patron in France in the late seventeenth centrury was Louis XIV
Which of the following is true of landscape painting in the seventeenth century The best French landscape painters chose to paint classical landscapes.
The Pilgrimage to Cythera is a fete galante by Watteau
Rococo architecture is decortated with garlands and shells
William Hogarth Made oralistic prints that satirized rococo manners
A good example of neoclassical architedcture is Chiswick House
David's The Death of Marat shows a leader of the French Revolution posed like Christ in Michelangelo's pieta'
Napoleaon Crossing the Saint-Bernard is an example of An equestrian portrait of a ruler
John Singleton Copley developed the style seen in Mrs. Ezekiel Goldthwait before he was accepted to study in the British academy
The artist who pained the Third of May 1808 is Goya
What does sublime mean? Frightening but awe inspiring
The following statedment is not true about romantic artists Romantic artists believed that love was the only subject worthy of painting
Historicism refers to the way architechts apply a style from the past to new buildings
Constable's landscapes avoid references to industrialization and urban life.
The printmaking process that Daumier used most often was lithography
impressionism is a type of realism
In A Burial at Ornans, Courbet wanted to make a history painting of the common people
American realists, like Eakens, differed from French realists in that Their work was less politically charged than French realist paintings
Gericault's Raft of the "Medusa" is a good example of romanticism
Ingres was the student of David
The coposition of Delacroix's Massacre at Chios can best be described as X-shaped
Le D'ejeuner Sur l'Herbe (The Luncheon on the Grass) is a good example of Manet's interest in photographix effects and art history
How is the influence of Japanese prints seen in Degas's work? He created space by dividing the floor into diagonal lines that do not recede to a vanishing point.
The artist best known for series fo paintings showing the same scene at different times of day is Monet
Mary Cassatt was An American-born impressionist whose etchings are similar in subject and technique to Japanese prints.
The following is not truw of the impressionists They wanted to convey their support of the working class through their paintings
The artist associated with divisionism is Seurat
Cezanne was dissatisfied with which aspect of impressionism It lacked firm structure and weight.
Gauguin's paintings often depict polynesian scenes painted in large areas of contrasting color.
The artist who painted The Starry Night is Vincent Van Gogh
Rodin's Burghers of Calais is best catergorized as Romantic because of the intense emotions it conveys
Who coined the phrase, "Form follows function"? Louis Sullivan
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