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all of chapter 4

NSR rate = 60-100bpm
NSR rhythm = Regular
NRS P-wave = upright, 1:1 w/ QRS, ID
NRS QRS Complex = <.12 sec
NRS PRI = .12 - .20sec
Sinus Tachycardia Rate = > 100bpm
why would you have Sinus Tachycardia exercise
Sinus bradycardia Rate = < 60bpm
Why would you have Sinus bradycardia sleeping, athletes
Sinus Arrhythmia Rhythm = Regularly irregular
why would you have Sinus arrhythmia breathing variation
Sa node fired- no conduction of impulse Sinus pause
Sinus pause rhythm is basically irregular
what does a Sinus Pause look like a dropped beat
SA node fails to fire momentarily Sinus Arrest
Sinus Arrest rhythm is basically irregular
what does a Sinus Arrest look like baseline wanders
rate: 60-100bpm and N/A.. Rhythm: basically irregular.. P-Wave: Premature, abnormal shape, hidden... PRI: < .20 PAC
Rate: 140-250bps.. Rhythm: regular.. P-Wave: Premature, abnormal shape, hidden.. PRI: < .20 Atrial Tachycardia
Rate: A = 350-650bpm, V = 20-40bpm.. Rhythm: Totally irregular (chaos).. P-Wave: "F" wave is produced; Fine or course... PRI: N/A Atrial Fibrillation
Rate: A = 220-430bpm, V = <300bpm.. Rhythm: Regular or Totally Irregular.. P-Wave: "Saw-toothed" appearance.. PRI: N/A Atrial Flutter
Couplet; 2 together
triplet; 3 together
Bigeminy; every other beat
Trigeminy; every 3rd beat
Quadrigeminy Every 4th beat
the depolarization of the atria occurs in a retrograde direction, causing and inverted P wave Junctional arrhythmia
Rate: 40-60bpm and n/a... Rhythm: Basically irregular.. P-wave: inverted-before, during or after QRS.. QRS: Normal.. PRI: <.12 and or N/A PJC
Rate: 40-60bpm.. rhythm: reg.. P-wave: Inverted- b4, during or after QRS.. QRS: < .12.. PRI: < .12 Junctional escape
Rate: 60-100bpm.. rhythm: reg.. P-wave: inverted-b4, during or after QRS.. QRS Complex: <.12.. PRI: < .12 accelerated junctional rhythm
Rate: 100-180bpm Rhythm: reg P-wave: Inverted-b4, during, or after QRS QRS complex: <.12.. PRI: <.12 Junctional tachycardia Rhythm
Rate: 60-100bpm and N/A.. Rhythm: Basically Irregular.. P-wave: upright, 1:1 w/QRS, ID and or N/A.. QRS complex: <.12 and Wide and Bizarre.. PRI: N/A PVC
Rate: A is 0 and V is 150-250bpm.. Rhythm: reg.. P-wave: N/A QRS complex: Wide and Bizarre PRI: N/A Ventricular Tachycardia
Rate: A is 0 and V is 300-600 (jello) Rhythm: Totally irregular (chaos) P-wave: N/A.. QRS Complex: Fibrillatory baseline- no distinguishable waves.. PRI: N/A Ventricular Fibrillation
Rate: Variable.. Rhythm: Regular or Irregular.. P-wave: upright, 1:1 w/ QRS.. QRS Complex: <.12 sec.. PRI: >.20 sec.. 1st degree Heart Block
Rate: Variable.. Rhythm: Irregular.. P-wave: upright and some lonely P's.. QRS Complex: <.12 sec.. PRI: >.20 (progressively lengthens until one dropped QRS) 2nd degree Heart Block or Wenckeback
Rate: Variable.. Rhythm: Irregular.. P-wave: upright and some lonely P's QRS Complex: <.12 sec.. PRI: >.20sec and Normal w/QRS 2nd degree Type II AVB or Classical
Rate: A(60-100bpm), V(20-60bpm) Rhythm: Irregular.. P-wave: upright and lots of lonely P's.. QRS Complex: Narrow to wide.. PRI: N/A 3rd degree Complete Heart Block
Created by: bpstears