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Audio Final

Masker for pure tone stimuliNarrow band noise
What is used a a masker for speech stimuli? Speech noise
Warble pure Fm is used in what population? pediactric
Pulsed tone is used in what population? adults
A device capable of vibrating when activated by an electrical signal transducer
what separates the scala vestibuli from the scala media? reissners membrane
what separated scala media fro scala typmani? basilar membrane
Frequecies tested for AC? 250,500,1000,2000,3000,4000,6000,8000 HZ
When do you test for half octaves? more than a 20 db differece between octaves
Frequencies tested for BC 250,500,1000,2000,3000, and 4000
Visual reinforcement Audiometry tests what population? 6 months to 2 years
What modifications can be done for V.R.A? up 10 down 20
AC Db testing? -10 - 110 Db
BONE CONDUCTION tests what Hz? 250-4000Hz
BC tests for what Db? -10 to 50-80 Db
Patients hearing loss is based on what results? AIR CONDUCTION RESULTS
AIR CONDUCTION looks at what part of the ear? whole auditory system
Bone conduction looks at what part of the ear? Inner ear
Normal hearing consists of _______ db or less 10
All thresholds are ____ for normal hearing 25 Db or less.
Sensorineural hearing loss occurs in what part of the ear? inner ear
Air and bone gap are 10 Db or less,but some threshold are worse that 25 Db. Sensorineural hearing loss
Conductive hearing loss occurrs in the outer ear only? true
Air bone gaps and BOne conduction for CHL? greater than 10 db , less than or = to 25 Db
Air bone gap for MIxed hearing loss? greater than 10 db and bone conuduction greater than 25 Dbhl
Conditioned play Audiometry deals with what population? CAN IT BE TESTED BY AB AND BC? 2-4 YEARS. YES
Right ear is what color? RED
Left ear is what color? BLUE
Bone conduction RIGHT UNMASKED <
BC Right masked [
BC left unmasked >
BC left masked ]
AC UNmasked left? x
AC UNmasked Right? o
Masking is needed when there is a ____ DB difference ( in both ears) in AURAL HEADPHONES 40
Masking is needed for inserts when? difference of 55-60 db
Masking is needed for bone conduction when? difference of 15 or more between the air and bone conduction scores of the ear tested
What noise is used for AC and BC conduction? narrow band noise
Normal hearing loss is between ___ and ___ 0 and 25
Mild hearing loss __ and __? 26 and 40
Moderate hearing loss is between ___ and __? 41-55
Moderate/ severe is between ___ and ___? 56 and 70
Severe is between ___ and ___? 71 and 90
Profound is ? 71 +
Bilateral hearing loss is ? similar results in both ears
unilateral hearing loss is ? hearing loss in only one ear
vibro-tactile means? THEY OCCUR MOSTLY BETWEEN WHAT THRESHOLD? feeling the vibrations rather than hearing it. 250 AND 500 HZ
what transducer closes off the ear canal? supra-aural
Pure Tone Average.AC? 500,1000,2000 Hz
Cross Hearing is? signal delivered to the test ear is heard in the non test ear.
Bone conduction hearing is placed on the? What does it stimulate? mastoid process. BOTH COCHLEA'S
Interaural Attenuation AC SUPRA-AURAL HEADPHONES 40dB
Interaural Attenuation: AC insert earphones 55 dB
InterAural Attenuation: BONE CONDUCTION VIBRATOR 0Db
oCCLUSION EFFECT happens with what transducer? supra-aural headphones
OE values 250 Hz =?? 20dB OE
OE values 500 Hz= ?? 15 OE
1000 Hz = ___ OE? 5 dB
When testing, what Hz do you set it too via the speech channel? 1000 Hz
what are spondee words? two syllable compound words
Speech recognition threshold should be within ___ of the best pta 7
WHAT IS speech detection threshold? lowest level patient can JUST detect the speech. ( 5-10 DB LOWER THAN SRT)
What is MCL? Most comfortable level= 40-50db
VOWELS are ____ frequency, ____ intensities low, high
CONSONANTS are ____ frequencies, ____ intensities. high, low
What is UCL? uncomfortable loudness = 75-95 dB
What does Supra-Threshold Recognition ? evaluates how well a person can hear above SPEECH RECOGNITION THRESHOLD
What is the plateau method? used for masking
What is the best indicator of hearing loss in children? SRT
When is the only time you have to mask for SRT? IF YOU HAD TO MASK FOR AC TESTING
A speech masker is out in the non test ear 20 db below of the words being presented in the TEST EAR
What is an example of a tuning fork test? Rinne Test
What does the Rinne test compare? air conduction to the bone conduction resonses
How is the Rinne performed? placing the tuning fork on mastoid and then in front of the ear canal.
What does the WEBER test? lateralization/placed on forehead
If the examiner hears the noise longer than the patient, hearing loss is __________ SCHWABACH Sensorineural
If the patient hears it longer, hearing loss is ______ SCHWABACH CONDUCTIVE
THe SCHWABACH relies on?? the examiner having normal hearing
BING test is based on the occlusion effect
Created by: ucfspa
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