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World History Ch.11

Who was the most powerful Byzantine Emperor? Emperor Justinian
What is autocracy? Where a leader had complete control over religion and the government.
Three reasons why the Byzantine's Empire economy was so strong. 1) Strong Central Government 2) Peasants worked land and payed taxes 3) Had there own cent, the Bezant
Who made the "Body of Civil Law"? Emperor Justinian
Who started to use Justinian in 1100's? Kings/Queens in Western Europe
What was the name of the Church built by Justinian? The Hagia Sophia
What does the Hagia Sophia mean? Holy Wisdom
WWhat two types of people influenced the early development of Russia Slavs and the Rus
What did the northern part of Russia include Tons of forests, (supplied wood and fuel) and animal pelts
What did the the southern part of Russia have and where was it located? It was located in present day Ukraine and it had rich soil.
What did the southern steppe of Russia include? Flat land that had no trees. Greet land for herding and it had no natural obsticules and it made it easy to travel from Europe to Asia.
What linked the Russians to the Byzantine Empire? Rivers that traveled from Russia to Constantinople.
Who connected Rus culture with the culture of the Byzantine Empire? Prince Vladmir of Kiev
What did he do to help connect Russia with the Byzantines? Adopted Byzantine Culture, married the Byzantine Emperor's sister, converted and made Eastern Orthodox the main religion of the Rus.
What did Yaroslav the Wise, Vladimir's son, do to help Kiev become stronger? Controlled the church (modeled after the Byzantine Empire), gave church leagal status, translated religious writings into the language of the Slavs. Also helped by spreading Christianity through military victories.
What happened to Kiev after Yaroslav's death? The city declined and many families fought for the throne.
Which Mongol leader invaded Russia? Genghis Khan's grandson, Batu Khan.
Who killed a lot of the Russian population and looted Kiev. The Golden Horde (a.k.a. Mongol Armies)
What did Russia become after the Mongol occupations. A Tributary State
The Mongols inspired what kind of power in Russian princes? Absolute Power
What part of Europe did the Mongols cut Russia off from? Western Europe
Who recovered lost Russian land from Lithuania? Ivan III (Ivan the Great)
How Did Ivan the Great help make a frame for absolute power? Tried to limit the power of boyars (nobles), called himself a tsar which meant Caesar (God) in Russian language.
How did Ivan the Terrible leave Russia exposed to extreme absolute power? Introduced feudalism to Russia, limited the power of boyars, made the oprichniki (his own secret agents that did what ever he said), killed anyone thought to be disloyal.
When was Ivan the Terrible crowned tsar? 1547
Created by: sonofneptune43