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Stack #142663

Art of the Western World part 3

Michelangelo's Pieta was made for a French cardinal. Which characteristic of the staue probalbly was a concession to French taste? Mary's drapery falls in complex folds
When Michelangelo first started carving the David, where did he think it was going to be placed? Along the roof line of Florence Cathedral
The sistine Chapel ceiling was Michelangelo's first commission for a fresco
The School of Athens is one of four paintings representing areas of knowledge
Raphael's teacher was Perugino
Rapheal's Madonna paintings typically use pyramidal compositions
Bramante's plan for the rebuilding of St Peter's was a central plan based on a Greek cross
Venetian painitng in the early sixteenth century often shows vouptuous women in a landscape setting
The artist who painted The Tempest is Giorgione
Titian's paintings were most often done in oil paint on canvas
Palladio designed Many villas around Venice, including the villa Rotonda
Which of the followoing artisits is not usually considered a mannerist? Veronese
The later phase of mannerism (form the 1530s and 1540s) was cool and ploished and appealed to the people in the courts of France and Italy
Michelangelo's late work is deeply spiritual
An artist who was called before the inquistion to defend his work is Veronese
Caravaggio's style of painting used very deep shadows in a technique called tenebrism
in Italy, the leaders of the Counter-Reformation reaffirmed the importance of images as a way to teach people about religion
Artemisia Gentilischi's paintings often show female heroines
The Carracci wanted to reform painting because they felt mannerism had become too far removed from High Renaissance ideals
Bernini's David shows more intense emotion than Michelangelo's David
The Saint Teresa of Avila in Ecstasy is presented as if it were being renacted on a stage.
The colonnade around the piazza in front of St. Peter's seems to represent two arms embracing the oval piazza and the people within it.
Peter Paul Rubens was employed by European courts most of his life
The most important painter in England in the seventeenth century was the Flemish painter Van Dyck
Brithish architecture in the seventeenth century shows the influence of the Italian Renaissance architect Palladio
El Greco's work is most similar to italian mannerism
Zurbaran's painting reflects a form of mysticism called Quietism
Velazquez's Las Meninas is a portrait of the spanish royal family in the artist's studio
The patrons of most Dutch painting in the seventeenth century were merchants and businessmen
Judith Layster's self-portait displays an exuberant style, similar to Frans Hals'
Rembrandt's favorite printmaking technique was etching
Rembrandt's self-portraits are always rather glomy because he was often bankrupt
Vermeer probably experimented with a devisce called the camera obscura
Dutch still life paintings often can be read as allegories of vanity.
The main lines of the plan of the Palais de Versilles converge at the Kings bedroom
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