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Secondary Test Prep.

Test Strategies and Literary Devices based on Allastair R. Webb's presentation

Main Idea What the whole story or particular paragraph is mostly about?
Know the number you must get correct. What is the 1st Test Strategy?
Context Clues What are the surrounding and unknown words that help a student understand its meaning?
Carefully review questions. What Reading Strategy should you do BEFORE reading the selection?
Summary What is the process of briefly recounting the main idea of a piece of writing in a person's own words.
Flashback What are scenes of events that occured earlier than those in the story?
Question Number You should label and match the paragraph with the _____?
Switchback words What are words that shift your thoughts called? They include- but, although, nevertheless, and even though.
Personification What are human qualities given to animals, objects, or ideas called?
Tone What's the author's attitude toward his or her story?
Theme What is the underlying meaning of a literary work?
Key Words What are words in the question that might lead you to the answer in a particular paragraph called?
Multiple - Meaning words Words with more than one meaning are called what?
New Correct answers will usually NOT contain this type of information?
Symbolism What Literary Devices objects, persons, or experiences that stand for something else?
Metaphor Comparisons of two things that do NOT use "like" or "as" is called?
Cause "Why" something happens?
Facts What are statements that can be proven called?
An inference What is an educated guess based on evidence called?
Graphic Organizers What are word webs,flow charts, and Venn diagrams called?
Scientific sounding answers Which type of answers sound better than slang ones?
An opinion What a person believes and cannot be proven is called what?
Extreme statements You should avoid these types of answers because they are wild and highly controversial.
Compare Determining how things are alike is called what?
Mood What is the atmosphere or feeling the author creates through the details or language called?
Not flexible You should avoid answers such as ...only, exactly, never, and always because they are
Point of view The perspective from which the story is seen or told is called what?
Sequence What is the order of events that happen in the story called?
Contrast Determining how elements in a story are different is called what?
Generalization What is the broad statement about an entire group called?
Created by: msmarcoccio2008
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