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Stack #142647

Art of the Western World part 2

Flying buttresses are open, arched supports on the exterior of a Gothic cathedral.
Buon Fresco uses paint made of pigment suspended in water and painted on wet plaster
The artist who painted the Arena Chapel is Giotto
Italian painting in the fourtheenth centruy is most like Byzantine painting
Duccio's most famous painting is th Maest'a, a double-sided altarpiece
Who was the first person to demonstrate linear perspective? Brunelleschi
The italian Renaissance started in which city? Florence
Atmospheric perspective refers to A hazy quality given to objects in the distance
Lorenzo Ghiberti won the competition for the Florence Baptistery doors
the most important patrons of art in fifteenth-century Flornce were the medici
A typical Italian Renaissance palace is a three-story rectangualr building wih regularly spaced windows
Donatello's David stands in contrapposto
Brunelleschi solved the problem of putting a dome on Florence Cathedral by using the structural principles of Gothic architecture
The artist who painted the Tribute Money is Masaccio
The Birth of Venus quotes a classical statue, can be interpreted as a Neoplatonic allegory, and was commissioned by a member of the Medici family
A common compositional form in the early Italian Rnaissance was a triangle
Alberti thought a good painting should include enough variety to make it interesting, but not too much so that it is crowded
Donatello's Gattamelata is modeled after which classical sculpture? Marcus Aurelius
The international style of the fifteenth century has elegant figures and many sumptuous details
The Limbourg Brothers are best known for their manuscript illuminations showing activities in each month of the year
tha Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini(?) and his Wife, Giovanna Cenami(?) is a sighned work by Jan Van Eyck
The M'erode Altarpiece shows objects like candles and mousetraps that have symbolic meanings.
The artist traditionally said to be the inventor of the glazing technique in oil painting is Jan Van Eyck
What is grisaille? painting is shades of gray to imitate the appearance of sculpture
The garden of Earthly Delights shows naked people cavorting amid gigantic birds and berries
Pieter Bruegel the Elder often painted scenes of peasants working
Albercht Durer was a great admirer of Italian art
A print made by cutting lines into a copper plate with a burin is called an engraving
Grunewald's Isenheim Alterpiece was made for the community of St. Anthony whose hospital specialized in treating people with skin deseases.
The greatest effect that the protestant Reformation had on art in northern Europe was that commissions for larg-scale religoius works practiaclly disappeared
Durer's four Apostles was painted for the city hall of Nuremberg
which range of dates best corresponds to when the Italian High Renaissance took place? 1500-1520
Leonardo da Vinci often experimented with techniques
The following is not true of Leonardo's Last supper Judas can be identified by the look of shock on his face
The Mona Lisa shows Leonardo's use of sfumato
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