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Medical Assisting


Radiation High energy particles that cause ionization.
Deterministic A doctrine that all facts and events exemplify natural laws.
Stochastic Randomly determined.
Epidemiologic Data Allows in sight into behavior, trends, and perceptions.
Physicians Person qualified to practice medicine.
Radiologists Medical specialists who uses radioactive substances and x-rays in treatment of disease.
Radiologic Examinationsten conformation of diagrams and early detection of plural effusion and empyema.
CT(Computed Tomography) Examination of organs with x-rays and using a computer for scans.
Carcinogenic Having the potential to cause cancer.
None mergent non emergency medical patient, care or case.
Fluoroscopy High energy ionizing radiations.
Cell Damage Death of cells, tissue, or organ failure.
Cell Death The normal degeneration and death of living cells.
C-arm Used to produce images for surgical guidance.
Direct Exposure In the line of radiation rays from machine.
Indirect Scattered rays from patient and machine.
ALARA(As low as reasonably achievable) Principle that accepts some amount of radiation exposure.
Thermoluminescence Dosimetry Radiation dosimeter.
Subsequnently After something has happened.
URS(ureterorenoscopy) Visual inspection of ureter and kidney.
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