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ch 7 nedterm frucht


arterio artery
arteriolo arteriole
athero fattyyu substance
embol plug
ischo to keep back
stetho chest
varic dilated vein
vasculo or vaso blood vessel
venulo venule
sono sound
sphygm pulse
genic producing
lysis, lytic destruction
manometer instrument to measure pressure
ole small
rrhaphy suture
rrhexis rupture
stenosis narrowing
peri arpund
per through
ultra excess
aneurysm localized widening of artery due to weakness in arterial wall
angina pectorisis servre cheast pain caused by myocardial ischemia
arrhythmia irregular heart beat
auscultation listening to sounds within the body
bacterial endocarditis inflamation of the inner lining of the heart
cardiac arrest complete stopage of all activity in heart
cardiac enzymes complex proteins released by heart muscles when it is damaged
congiential septal defect birth defect in wall separating two chambers of the heart allowing the blood to pass between two chambers
coronary artery bypass graft open heart surgury in which a weub us grafter to route blood around occuluded coronary artery
fibrillation abnormail quivering of the heart fibers
heart valve prolapse cups or flaps of the heart that are too loose to shut tightly allowing blood to flow backwards threw heart chambers
myocardial ischemia loss of blood suply to heart muscle tisse of the myocardium due to occulsion of coronary artery
occlusion blockage of blood vessel or other hollow structure
varicose veins swallown and distended veins
stent stainless steel tube placed within blood vessel or duct to widen lumen
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