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SAT Bootcamp [5.4]

Vocabulary for Week 5 Day 4 of SAT Bootcamp

antediluvian prehistoric, ancient beyond measure
bulwark defense wall; anything serving as defense
citadel fortress or stronghold
compulsive obsessive, fanatic
descried spied a distant object, discovered, saw
emissary an agent employed to further interests or gain information
expedient convenient, efficient; suitable; practical; politic
frustration defeat, discouragement
illimitable limitless
inclusive comprehensive, all-encompassing
luminous giving forth light, bright, brilliant, glowing
meticulous excessively careful, fastidious, painstaking
monogamy custom of marriage to one person at a time
pert lively and bold
prestidigitation sleight of hand
promulgate to make known publicly
protean readily assuming different forms or characters
robust strong and healthy; hardy
scintilla trace amount
visage the face, with reference to the form and proportions of the features or to the expression; countenance; appearance; aspect
Created by: alicewithlove