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SAT Bootcamp [5.3]

Vocabulary for Week 5 Day 3 of SAT Bootcamp

acquiesced accepted, agreed, assented
consensus unanimity, agreement of opinion or attitude
desiccate to dry completely, dehydrate
desultory at random, rambling, unmethodical
diminutive a shortening, an abbreviation; small
emaciated very thin, wasted away; skinny, scrawny, gaunt, esp. from hunger
fiasco complete or ridiculous failure; disaster
imminent about to happen immediately, overhanging, threatening
impoverished to make poor or bankrupt
melancholy sadness, depression
meritorious deserving reward or praise
motley different, various, incongruous; many-colored, composed of diverse parts
natal relating to birth
pensive thoughtful, serious
philanthropy love of humanity; generosity to worthy causes
presages knows beforehand, predicts; to foretell, indicate in advance
prevalent widespread
salubrious beneficial, healthful
sobriety temperateness, habitual moderation; seriousness
travesty burlesque, ridiculous imitation; parody, caricature
Created by: alicewithlove