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Stack #142378

Art of the Western World part 1

kouros a statue of a nude young man from the greek archaic period
Black figure techique required scratching through a layer of slip to make details
praxiteles was the sculptor famous for his sensuous figures of men and women
parthenon is a good example of the Doric order
pediment is the triangular area for sculpture under the roof of a temple
Hellenistic painting is best represented by Roman copies
Laocoon and His sons shows the emotional expressionand virtuoso technique typical of the Hellenistic period
An acropolis is a sacred precinct above a creek city
The name given to rational town planning in Hellenistic Greece is the Hippodamian plan
Caryatids are seen on the Erechtheion in Athens
Roman temples combine Greek and Etruscan forms
The pantheon is the Roman temple dedicated to all the gods
the Augustus of Primaporta shows that the first Roman emperor was godlike
the imperial procession relief from the Ara Pacis is similar to the relief on the frieze of the Parthenon, except that it is more realistic
Verism refers to extreme realism in portraiture
Roman wall painting shows a wide variety of subject matter, including still life and genre scenes
Sculpture from the time of Constantine shows simple figures, often with doll-like proportions
Two structural innovations that Romans used in the imperial period are concrete and the rounded arch
A Roman basilica is a civic building used for things like tax collecting
the following is not true of the colosseum It was built from stone stolen from Greed temples
The early Christians used images to tell stories form the Old Testament and the life of Christ
Christian churches built under the auspices of Constantine used the Roman basilica as a model
Iconography refers to the meaning of a work of art found in its symbols and subject matter
The most commom way that Jesus is shown in early Christian are as the Good Shepherd
An ambulatory is a walkway around an altar or tomb in a martyrium
the migrathing tribes of northern Europe made small metal objects that often used animals in decorative ways
The book of Kells is a manuscript that includes the Gospel of Matthew and is decorated with elaborate interlaced designs
Why might Charlemagne think a central plan was appropriate for his Palace Chapel in Aachen? He was comparing himself to the emperor Justinian who had built a central plan church in the sixth century
in the Carlingian period, manuscripts were copied in scriptoria of monasteries
The type of arch that characterizes Romanesque architecture is the round arch
this architectural element is not found in a Romanesque church triforium
who was Gislebertus The artist who designed the last judgment at the church of Saint-Lazare in Autun
Which is th best reason for crediting Abbot Suger with the invetion of the Gothic style of Architecture? His ideas about light as a metaphor for God encouraged builders to come up with the means to enlarge the windows
the main entrance to the Chartres Cathedral is known as The Royal Portal
How does the Gothic style of sculpture differ from the Romanesque style? Romanesques sculpture is proportioned to fit the space it is in; Gothic sculpture has more natural proportions
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