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SAT Bootcamp [5.2]

Vocabulary for Week 5 Day 2 of SAT Bootcamp

acerbic bitter, sharp in taste or temper
animated full of life, spirit, or action
august dignified, awe-inspiring, venerable
beguile to deceive, mislead; charm
capacious large, roomy; extensive
denote show, mark out plainly, indicate
deter to discourage; prevent from happening
hypercritical over critical, excessively nice or exact
listless lacking in spirit or energy
mendacious dishonest, not telling truth
mendicants beggars, those who seek alms
moderate adj. reasonable, not extreme v. to make less excessive, restrain; regulate
politic discreet, tactful
profane impure; contrary to religion; sacrilegious
revile to criticize with harsh language, verbally abuse
scurrilous indecent, obscenely jocular, vulgar, low
stand group of trees
stricture something that restrains; negative criticism
terminal adj. concluding, final; fatal n. depot, station
verisimilitude the appearance of truth
Created by: alicewithlove