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SAT Bootcamp [5.1]

Vocabulary for Week 5 Day 1 of SAT Bootcamp

conjecture speculation, prediction
connived cooperated secretly, schemed
discretion prudence; ability to adjust actions to circumstances; subject to one's own judgment
dispense to distribute, administer
eminent prominent, famous, well-known; celebrated, distinguished, outstanding; towering
fastidious excessively particular, critical or demanding; difficult to please; squeamish; careful with details
hallucination the perceiving of an object with no reality, a delusion
histrionic of or pertaining to stage and acting
incarcerate to imprison, to confine
infiltrate to pass secretly into enemy territory
injurious harmful
potent powerful; persuasive; greatly influential
precocious developed ahead of time, mentally advanced; unusually advanced at an early age
primeval belonging to first ages, primitive, ancient
prosecute to pursure in accordance with the law, to sue
refectory room where meals are served
ruddy a healthy reddish color, reddish
seceded withdrew, broke away from
sedulous steadily industrious, diligent, busy
slander defamation; utterance of false and malicious statements
Created by: alicewithlove