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Medical Terms Final

_____ is a disease of the respiratory system caused by allergic reaction or hypersensitivity in the airways. Asthma
The C in COPD stands for _____. chronic
_____ failure occurs when the respiratory system cannot keep pace with the body's demand for oxygen. Respiratory
_____ is the volume that remains in the lungs at all times. Residual volume
Every cell in the body requires _____. oxygen
Hypoxemia is _____.. deficiency of oxygen in the blood
_____ is a normal lipoprotein that reduces the surface tension within the alveoli. Surfactant
An excessive inhalation and exhalation caused by decreased alveolar CO2 levels is termed_____. hyperventilation
_____ is also called black lung disease. Anthracosis
_____ is an anatomic alteration of lungs characterized by air space enlargement distal to terminal bronchioles and destructive changes to alveolar walls. Emphysema
_____ is a needle aspiration of intrapleural space for fluid or air withdrawal Thoracentesis
_____ is commonly known as a sore throat Pharyngitis
________ is the medical term for the nostrils. Nares
Rapid, deep respirations with no pauses in between, known as “air hunger,” are called_____. Kussmaul respirations
Select the word part meaning breathing. spiro-
The word part atel- means _____. imperfect
Which of the following is characterized as rhythmic waxing and waning of respirations? Cheyne-Stokes respiration
Which word part means mucus? all of the above
Which of the following is a tube that conducts air from the larynx to the bronchial tree trachea
Which organ plays a part in both the respiratory system AND the digestive system? pharynx
Left and right _____ veins empty lymph into the bloodstream subclavian
The _____ pulp of the spleen is active in the immune response. white
The initial response to antigen exposure is called the _____ response. primary
Antibodies that develop in response to the presence of antigens produce _____ immunity. active
Fat droplets in lymph are called_______. chyle
HIV attacks _____ cells. helper T
_____ provide the foundation for immunity to diseases after their first occurrence. Memory cells
_____ immunity develops through immunoglobulin injections. Artificially induced passive
The transfer of antibodies or immunoglobulins from one person to another produces _____ immunity passive
_____ is a diagnostic procedure allowing for the examination of lymphatics following injection of radioactive tracer. Scintigraphy
_____ is a substance produced in the body that reacts to an antigen. Antibody
Lymphatic structures in the intestinal wall called _______ carry recently digested fats from the small intestine to the thoracic duct. lacteals
Lack of resistance and disposition to disease development is called _____. susceptibility
Lymph node clusters are found in which region? all of the above
Select the word part meaning lymph nodes. lymphadeno-
Which of the following is a common infection in AIDS patients? all of the above
Where can you find the axillary nodes of the lymphatic system? In the armpit
Which of the following terms refers to an abnormal overreaction to an allergen? hypersensitivity
Which of the following is an allergy to seasonal plant allergens? hay fever
Which word part means nose? rhin-
Which of the following is a sign or symptom of pancreatitis? all of the above
The _____ is a smooth, transparent membrane lining the abdominal cavity. peritoneum
_____ are inorganic elements that play important roles in physiological systems. Minerals
The entire process of taking in food and swallowing it is termed _____. ingestion
Which of the following connects the oral cavity to the stomach? esophagus
_____ refers to the formation or presence of stones in the gallbladder or bile duct. Cholelithiasis
_____ are hair-like extensions on the intestinal wall. Villi and Microvilli
The barium _____ exam is a series of x-rays taken following the ingestion of barium sulfate. swallow
A(n) _____ hernia results when the intestinal organ is not reducible and the blood flow is interrupted. strangulated
Bile is composed of _____. all of the above
The membrane that lines the abdominal cavity is the _____. peritoneum
Growling stomach and intestinal sounds often heard are called _____. borborygmi
_____ malnutrition is a condition resulting from an inadequate diet. Primary
Select the abbreviation meaning rule out. R/O
_____ sign refers to pain when pressure is applied over the McBurney point. Aaron
The act of chewing is called __________. mastication
The cystic duct and common hepatic duct merge to form the _____ common bile duct
The portion of the large intestine that empties into the rectum is the. anus
Which of the following is a fat-soluble vitamin? E
Which word part means milk? galacto-
_____ in males is characterized by the external urethral orifice on the ventral surface of the penis instead of at the tip Hypospadias
A creatinine _____ test is used as an index of the glomerular filtration rate. clearance
Diabetes _____ is a disorder resulting from ADH deficiency. insipidus
_____ are folds within the bladder's inner mucosa that allow the organ to expand while storing urine Rugae
A _____ is a circular muscle surrounding an orifice. sphincter
_____ are cone-shaped divisions in the medulla that contain the renal tubules. Pyramids
_____ is a chronic bladder condition in which the bladder connective tissue is inflamed. IC
_____ is a progression of rhythmic, wave-like contractions. Peristalsis
Excessive excretion of urine is _________. polyuria
High specific gravity of urine may be due to which of the following? uncontrolled diabetes mellitus
_____ kidney disease is an inherited disease in which normal kidney tissue becomes replaced with grape-like cysts. Polycystic
Renal failure may progress to _____. ESRD AND ESRF
Select the word part meaning pus. cysti-
The E in ESWL stands for ______ extracorporeal
_____ is pus in the urine. Pyuria
_____ is surgical removal of the kidney. Nephrectomy
_____ is the examination and analysis of urine. UA
The bladder is _____ to the symphysis pubis. posterior
The tips of the renal pyramids form the _____. papillae
The word part azo- means _____. nitrogen
_____ are fibrous tumors found in the uterus. Fibroids
_____ cysts are fluid-filled sacs forming on or near ovaries. Ovarian
DES is the abbreviation for _______. diethylstilbestrol
Each testis contains a tightly coiled tube attached to the posterior border called the _____. epididymis
_____ is a disorder in which the spermatic cord rotates, producing ischemia of the testis. Testicular torsion
_____ is the permanent cessation of menstrual cycles. Menopause
It is recommended that a baseline mammogram be taken between ages _____. 35 and 39
_____ refers to an accumulation of serous fluid in the testis. Hydrocele
Inflammation of the prostate is termed _____. prostatitis
_____ is the leading cause of PID in women. Chlamydia
The external male genitalia include which of the following? all of the above
The female external genitals are called the _____. vulva
The surgical removal of a breast is termed _____. mastectomy
Select the word part meaning uterine tube. salping-
Select the word part meaning uterus. metra-
The capacitation process allows sperm to fertilize an oocyte. T OR F
The _____ is a subcutaneous pad of adipose tissue encasing the junction of the pubic bone in females mons pubis
The prepuce is___________. the foreskin of the penis
What is the name of the finger-like projections at the opening of the uterine tubes? fimbriae
Which of the following birth control strategies is implanted in the uterus to prevent pregnancy? IUD
_____ are basic units that combine to create a genotype. Genes
An example of a malignant tumor of placental tissue is ____. choriocarcinoma
_____ control(s) a particular trait, and their effects appear in the offspring. Dominant genes
A (n)________is a surgical incision made in the vagina to enlarge the opening and facilitate childbirth episiotomy AND vaginoperineotomy
An acute infectious disease that is usually contracted through a penetrating wound is called _____. tetanus
Human somatic cells each contain _____ chromosomes 46
___________ is also called Hirschsprung disease. congenital megacolon
______ is premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall prior to delivery. Abruptio placentae
_____ is a congenital heart defect with a combination of four abnormalities. Tetralogy of Fallot
Select the word part meaning vulva. episio-
The individual with ______ has a single female sex chromosome, resulting in an underdeveloped uterus, vagina, and breasts, and infertility. Turner syndrome
_____ is the softening of the lower segment of the uterus that occurs about the sixth week of pregnancy. Hegar sign
_____ is the study of abnormal development and congenital malformations. Teratology
Select the word part meaning ankle. talo-
Select the abbreviation meaning last menstrual period. LMP
The period of development within the uterus is called _______________. gestation
Select the word part meaning nucleus. karyo-
The membranous sac that forms the umbilical blood vessels is called the _____ allantois
The person afflicted with _____ usually has an extra X chromosome. Klinefelter syndrome
The stage at which the _____ becomes imbedded in the lining of the uterus is termed implantation. blastocyst
_____ disorder is a form of behavior and thinking observed in young children in which the child seems to concentrate upon herself without regard to other environmental influences. Autistic
_____ dyskinesia is a condition characterized by involuntary movements of the tongue and facial muscles, as a result of long-term treatment with antipsychotic drugs. Tardive
________developmental disorders are characterized by severe, persistent, and all-encompassing impairment in social, communication, and behavior development. Pervasive
Adults with a pervasive pattern of self-centeredness, sense of entitlement , and lack of empathy for others have which personality disorder? narcissistic
_____ are sexual deviations such as exhibitionism, fetishism, and pedophilia. Paraphilias
A_____ is a professional who studies and/or treats human behavior, mental states, and experiences. psychologist
_____ is an exaggerated sense of physical and emotional well-being that is usually not appropriate to the situation. Euphoria
_____ is a training technique that enables an individual to gain some voluntary control over autonomic body function Biofeedback
_____ is sensory experience of something not actually existing in the external world. Hallucination
GAD stands for generalized ______disorder. anxiety
_____ is the disorder in which two or more distinct personalities are present in the same person. Dissociative identity disorder
_____ is treatment of mental disorders by psychological means such as verbal or non-verbal communication with patients. Psychotherapy
Sleep disturbances, flashbacks, and depression that are displayed after a psychologically traumatic event are known collectively as post-traumatic stress disorder
_____ therapy utilizes behavior modification techniques in which a person's desirable responses are positively reinforced while undesirable behaviors are negatively rewarded. Behavior
Select the word part meaning mind. thym-
Select the word part meaning fear. -phobia
Select the word part meaning words. log-
Which category in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders refers to a disorder with few or no symptoms with minor impairment? MILD
Which word part means separated from? ap-
Which word part means compulsion? -mania
Drugs that decrease the force of cardiac contraction are termed _____. Inotropics
_____ are any substances other than food or water that are taken for medicinal purposes. Drugs
_____ reduce or relieve nasal congestion and swelling. Decongestants
A _____ is a medicine that treats symptoms only. palliative
_____ agents hinder or arrest bacterial growth. Bacteriostatic
Bacteriostatic side effect
A _____ is a book or database that lists drugs used in medical practice and describes their composition, preparation, use, dosages, effects, and side effects. pharmacopeia
Diuretic drugs _____. increase urine output
The person trained and licensed to dispense medicinal drugs and advises on their use is a _____. pharmacist
_______ drugs are used to induce or stimulate labor. Oxytocic
_____ is an addictive substance derived from opium. Morphine
Which of the following drug delivery methods allows for rapid delivery and 100% bioavailability? intravenous route
Select the abbreviation meaning registered pharmacist. RPh
_____ reduce anxiety and tension to calm a person without decreasing consciousness. Tranquilizers
The _____ enforces the Controlled Substances Act. DEA
Select the abbreviation meaning prescription. Rx
The PDR is published yearly and lists patient information approved by the _____. FDA
The _____ route provides easy administration because the drug is applied to the body surface. percutaneous
What does the abbreviation PDR stand for? Physicians' Desk Reference
Physicians' Desk Reference algesi-
Abnormal tissue development is termed _______. dysplasia
A(n) _____ biopsy removes just part of a skin cancer growth incisional
A benign cancer of fatty tissue is called a_______. lipoma
_______is a type of skin cancer that forms in melanocytes. Melanoma
A _______is an x-ray of the breast mammogram
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is abbreviated as_____. NHL
Cancer that forms in the flat cells that form the skin surface is called ______ cell carcinoma. squamous
In a(n) ________ biopsy, a sharp, hollow tool is used to remove a circle of tissue from the abnormal area. punch
___________ is chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Crohn disease
Removal of the breast tumor and a small amount of normal tissue surrounding the tumor is termed________. lumpectomy
AFP is the abbreviation for _____ -fetoprotein alpha
Risk factors for cancer include_____. genes
A physician who specializes in cancer is a(n) _____. oncologist
_________are genes that in certain circumstances can transform a normal cell into an abnormal tumor cell. Oncogenes
Select the abbreviation for biopsy Bx
Select the word part that means recent. neo-
Which word part means mucus? myxo-
Which word part means mucus? transitional cell cancer
Uncontrolled division of abnormal body cells forming abnormal tissue is called _____. cancer
Which word part means difficult? none of the above
Inflammation of a bursa is called_____. bursitis
The inability to sweat in the elderly can lead to_______ . heatstroke
The use of a laser beam to treat retinal disorders is termed______. photocoagulation
Another term for multi-infarct dementia is ________dementia. vascular
The branch of medicine concerned with the health care of the elderly is________. geriatrics
_________ disease is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain and the most common intellectual impairment in older adults. Alzheimer
Choose the word part that means deficient or below normal. hypo-
Deficiency is indicated by the word part _______. -penia
Anorexia, which is _______, is common in the elderly population. poor appetite
Severe chest pain that radiates from the heart to the left shoulder and down the arm is termed _____ pectoris angina
Increased fluid pressure in the eye that produces defects in the field of vision and eventual blindness is _________. glaucoma
_____is infrequent or difficult bowel movements due to decreased motility of the intestines. Constipation
_______ is progressive enlargement of the prostate gland characterized by hesitancy in urination, post-urination dribbling, and decreased force of the urinary stream. Benign prostatic hyperplasia
_______ is a general term used to describe lung disorders that result in respiratory failure. COPD
_______ is a general term used to describe lung disorders that result in respiratory failure. Osteomalacia
The clinical term for liver spots is _____. senile lentigines
The loss of muscle tissue specifically associated with aging is termed _______. sarcopenia
The underlying structural brain disease that causes a progressive loss of cognitive and intellectual functions is known as________. dementia
Which statement defines gouty arthritis? sodium urate crystal deposits in the joints, causing inflammation and pain
Which of the following is a treatment for constipation? increasing dietary fiber and increasing fluid intake
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