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EKG certification

The innermost layer of the heart is called the Endocardium
Which of the following structures separates the right atrium and the right ventricle? Tricuspid valve
Unipolar leads are also called Augmented leads
The depolarization of which of the following heart cells is dependent on calcium? Pacemaker cells
A record of the electrical activity of the heart is called An electrocardiogram
In how many locations must you position electrodes for an ECG procedures? 10
The ability of cardiac cells to receive and conduct an electrical stimulus is called Conductivity
Another name for the cardiac pacemaker is Sinoatrial node
How many precordial leads are there? 6
Bipolar leads get their name from Monitoring two electrodes
A positive or negative electrical state is called Polarity
Precordial leads are also known as Chest leads
To clean an electrode, you should use Alcohol, warm water and steel wool
Which of the following standard electrocardiograph leads is used to record a rhythm strip? II
Which of the following is a type of electrode? Metal plate, suction bulb, and Disposable
Which of the following is a substance that enhances contact between the skin and the electrode? Electrolyte
Which of the following is prevented by properly placing the leads before recording an electrocardiogram? Artifacts
hich of the following pieces of medical equipment is used to reestablish the regular rhythm of the heart? Defibrillator
Restoring the cardiac muscle cells to their original charge is called Repolarization
Which of the following electrocardiograph leads records electrical activity from the midpoint between the left arm and left leg to the right arm? III
Which of the following waves represents downward deflection? an S wave or an Q wave
Which of the following is the first wave on an electrocardiogram? The P wave
What is an Einthoven triangle? An area defined by the right arm, left arm, and the left leg
Which of the following waves represents ventricular repolarization? T wave
The right leg is a ground
When attaching ECG wires, you should attach the limb wires first then the chest leads
On an electrocardiogram, repolarization of the atria is represented by which of the following waves? QRS complex
Electrocardiography is used to monitor the activity of the Heart
How many limb leads are required for an ECG? 6
Which of the following is an electrical ground in Einthoven’s triangle? the right leg
Which of the following heart rhythms represents heart activity that is within acceptable limits? Sinus rythem
Which of the following chest leads is placed in the fifth intercoststal space? V2
How long does it take a Holter monitor to record the heart’s electrical activity? 24 hours
If the line on the electrocardiogram is too dark, which of the following should be adjusted? Stylus heat
The medical term for drooping of the heart at the normal location is called Cardioptosis
Which of the following terms describes the contraction of the ventricles between 150 and 300 times per minute? Ventricular flutter
In an ECG, the QRS complex represents Ventricular contraction
Which of the following terms describes the contraction of the heart muscle? Systole
Which of the following means surgical repair of the heart? Cardioplasty
Cardiodynia is also called Cardialgia
When the ventricles return to their polarized state, which of the following waves is recorded in the ECG? T wave
Which interval represents the time it takes the ventricles to contract and recover? Q-T
The amount of blood ejected by the left ventricle into the aorta in one minute is called Cardiac output
Which medical term describes the rhythm of a dying heart? Agonal rhythm
Which of the following terms refers to assessing the heart’s conduction system during exercise? Stress Testing
Which of the following medical terms means the suturing of the heart muscle? Cardiorrhaphy
Placement at the fourth intercostal space to the right of the sternum is V-1
Which of the following parts of the heart is responsible for its contraction? Myocardium
Which of the following leads are related to the right side of the heart? V1, aVR
Rapid atrial contractions between 350 and 500 times per minutes is called Atrial Flutter
Which of the following describes a medical condition in which every other beat of the heart is ectopic or premature? Bigeminy
Which lead is placed at the fourth intercostal space at the left margin of the sternum? V-4
Which of the following represents the time it takes an electrical impulse to travel from the SA node to the AV node? The P-R interval
The P wave represents Atrial contraction
The first group of leads to be recorded on an electrocardiogram is standard limb leads I, II, and III are the first group of leads to be recorded
A heart rate slower than 60 beats per minute is called Bradycardia
The location of the heart in the right thorax is known as Dextrocardia
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