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Chapter 5 review

Pt. is laid in the ________ position Supine
If a pt. has a head injury, raise the _____ to _____ angle head, 30
If a pt. has having trouble breathing, raise the _____ to _____ angle head 45
This layer of skin is composed of living cells and is needed to detect electrical signals for the ECG. Dermis
This is a clinical term for a pt. that is sweating profusely. diaphoretic
What should we do prior to placing the electrodes on a diaphoretic pt. wipe sweat with gauze and then clean with alcohol swabs
Interference on the ECG not coming from the pt. is called an _______ artifact
Who must recognized an artifact and correct it? MA
What causes a wandering baseline? loose electrode
what does a wandering baseline look like? uneven
how do you fix a wandering baseline? check electrodes
What causes a somatic tremor? voluntary and involuntary muscle movement
What does a somatic tremor look like? large jagged peaks or unnatural baseline deflection
how do you fix a somatic tremor? follow procedure, make pt. comfy, pt. lie on hands. wait for movement to stop
What causes a 60 cycle interference? metal, jewelry, phone, lights, frayed wires, dirty electrodes
what does a 60 cycle look like? small fuzzy lines
how do you fix a 60 cycle interference? prepare room, follow procedure
What causes an interrupted baseline? electrode fell off
what does an interrupted baseline look like breaks between complexes
how do you fix an interrupted baseline? check and or replace electrode
Where is the purple lead placed 5th ICS/ Mid-axillary line
Where is the blue lead placed 5th ICS/ Mid-clavicular line
Where is the V5 placed 5th ICS/ anterior axillary line
Front Anterior
back posterior
pertaining to septum septal
above superior
below Inferior
pertaining to apex apical
side lateral
This is determined by measuring the R-R intervals across the entire rhythm strip: Rhythm
If the R-R intervals all measure the same, the _______ is termed ________. rhythm ....regular
If the R-R intervals are NOT all the same, the ______ is termed _______ rhythm....irregular
If there is a pattern to the irregularity, it is called Regularly Irregular
If there is NO pattern to the irregularity, it is called Totally irregular
If there is an underlying regular rhythm, with one or two interruptions, it is called basically irregular
How many waves in One Cardiac Cycle? 5
name the 5 waves in One Cardiac Cycle p,q,r,s,t
If electrical activity flows toward a ______ ____, an upward wave is produced on the paper positive pole
The P wave represents atrial depolarization
The QRS complex represents ventricular depolarization
The T wave represents ventricular repolarization
another name for 60 cycle interference AC interference
is the skin a good conductor of electricity? Nope
what helps the conduction of electricity on the skin with electrodes electrolyte gel
if you had to reposition a pt. or the electrodes, what should you do for a record document on ECG paper
how should you speak, dress and act at all times professionally
you ask your pt. to disrobe from the ____ ____ and give them a _______ with opening in the ____ waist up, gown, front
Created by: bpstears
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