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BUMED 6224.8


Persons infected with M. tuberculosis are in what category if the person has symptoms, signs, radiographic, or laboratoy evidence of pulmonary, meningeal, military, or extrapulmonary tuberculosis? Active disease
What consititutes and important oppurtunistic inection among individuals infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)? Tuberculosis
Preventative therapy with what is the most effective measure to prevent the development of tuberculosis disease in a newly infected person? Isoniazid
Intermediate strangth of the Mantoux method is how many tuberculin units of PPD? 5
Person infected with M. tuberculosis are in what stage if the person has no symptoms, signs, or radiographic evidence of active disease, but does have evidence of infection, as indicated by the presence of a postive tuberculin skin test? Tuberculosis Infection
Pulmonary tuberculosis causes the most concern because of the potential to transmit the infection to others by what route? Airborne
Commands in high-risk-areas, as identifed by the cognizant area Navy enviornmental and preventative medicine unit, must extend the active duty program to whom? Dependents
The Tuberculosis Control Program for what and its units is to be equivalento to the program for active duty personnel? Military Sealift Command
The command holding the medical treatment record is responsible for monitoring health records and managing local tuberculosis control programs for affected personnel. Medical treatment records must be reviewed how often? Annually
What refers to the Mantoux method of skin testing for tuberculosis? Tuberculin Skin Test
All personnel first entering duty in the regular Navy, the Naval Reserve, the Marine Corps, and the Marine Corps Reserve for periods of duty in excess of how many days, must have the result of a tuberculin skin test documented in their medical record? 30
Which person applying for permanent entry into the United States are required to be screened for tuberculosis? Foreign-born
The tuberculin skin test with purified protein derivative (PPD) administered be the what method is the most sensitive and specific test available for identifying those who are infected with Mycobacteruim tuberculosis, bacterium that causes tuberculosis? Mantoux
Who is a person with and area of induration to a 5 TU tuberculin skin test (or to a 1 TU tuberculin skin test) when read 48 to 72 hours after administration? Tuberculin Reactor
Who is a person with an area of induration of less than 5 mm (usually no reaction or sero mm induration) to a 5 TU tuberculin skin test? Tuberculin Nonreactor
What are made from live attenuated mycobacteria strains and are commonly used in some countries in an attempt to prevent vaccinees from becoming infected with tuberculosis? BCG Vaccines
Low strength of the Mantoux method is how many tuberculin units? One
What is a tuberculin skin test using a syrings and needle to inject purified protein derivative (PPD) of tuberculin? Mantoux method
An infected person has about what percentage of a lifetime risk of developing tuberculosis disease, if there is no intervention? 5
Screening is required for all other personnel, such as those in low-risk areas (e.g. active duty and reserve shore-based personnel in the US), at least how often? 3 years
Tuberculis screening is required for personnel in operational units and in units with a high risk for tuberculosis exposure or outbreaks how often? Annually
All personnaly must have a tuberculin skin test documented within what time period before seperation from naval service? One year
For civilian employees if tuberculosis disease is found, and there is indication the infection has resulted from Navy employment, federal employees may be treated under which act? Federal Employee Compensation Act
What is an area around the site of tuberculin injection that is raised and firm to the touch? Induration
Over how many cases of Tuberculosis occur annually in the United States? 20,000
A properly applied skin test will raise a small, pale, sharply demarcated wheal on the skin, which quickly disappears. If no wheal appears, the PPD has been injected where? Subcutaneously
After newly identified tuberculin reactors have been referred to preventative therapy, the cognizant MDR must follow these patients how often until preventative therapy is complete? Monthly
Do not use what for PPD administration? Hypodermic jet injector
If a patients misses more than 1 month of therapy, but has completed more than how many months of therapy at the beginning of the lapse, restart the program with the goal of completing at least how many subsequent months of therapy? Three
An investigation must be started upon notification that a present or former (withint the past how many months) memeber of the command has suspected or confirmed tuberculosis disease? 6
The antibiotic regimen of choice for tuberculosis preventative therapy is INH in an oral daily dose of what MG for adults and what MG for children? 300/10
Tuberculin reactors with HIV infection and persons with stable abnormal chest radiographs consistent with past tuberculosis should receive how many months of continuous therapy with INH? 12
During routine screening after the initial screening, the rate of newly-identified tuberculin reactors normally is no more than what percent of personnel tested in most Navy and Marine Corps setting? 1 to 2
Tuberculin reactors with no risk factors for the development of tuberculosis disease should receive how many months of continuous therapy with INH? 6
Intially, a BCG vaccine causes a reaction to the PPD skin test. The reaction is usually less that 10mm induration and disappears within how many years of vaccination? 8
All tuberculin reactors who have completed a course of preventative therapy and monthly evaluation, as well as all previously-known reactors must receive a brief clinical evaluation by the cognizant MDR how often? Annually
What does not develop from simple tuberculin skin testing, no matter how often a person undergoes such testing? Hypersensitivity
When a qualified MDR goes to the workspace to apply tuberculin skin tests and returns to the workspace in 48 to 72 hours to read the test it is called the what approach? "House call"
If the rate of newly-identified reactors is greater than what percent among any group tested, consider searching for an active case of tuberculosis disease in the command? 2.5
What person of the duty station to which a person with tuberculosis disease was attaced at the time of the diagnosis of his or her disease, is responsible for the tuberculosis contact investigation? Commanding Officer or Officer in Charge
What tuberculin tests produce significant numbers of both false-positive and false-negative test results, and are not to be used except on the specific recommendation of the NAVENPVNTMEDU? Multiple-puncture
If the person returns more than 72 hours after PPD application and the induration is zero to 14mm, make an entry of what on the SF 601? "not read"
In cases where tuberculin reactors are known to be close contacts of a person or persons which demonstrated INH-resistant tuberculosis, what may be substitued for INH? Rifampin
The only approved tuberculin skin test material for the routine Mantoux test is the premixed what intermediate strength PPD? Tween-80-stabilized
When a case of active pulmonary tuberculosis disease is discover, the filters in the ventilation system exhausting the berthing, messing areas, workspaces, and medical spaces must be what? Cleaned
The command initiating the contact investigation must prepare and maintain summaries of the investigation. Summary records are required for the initial study and the 3 month followup investigation. The record must be retained on file for how long? 3 years
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