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Sure Score Vocabulary Unit 11

advance v., to move forward or make progress; to lend money
advance adj., happening before something else or supplied beforehand
advance n., a movement forward made by a group of soldiers; moving forward, progress;a sum of money offered before something is completed
credit n., an honor or award given for some action or quality; confidence in someone’s ability to pay for purchases at a later time
credit v., to believe in; to have confidence in or favor; to attribute to
express v., to show feelings or thoughts about something
express n., a fast train or bus
express adj., very fast;clearly indicated or defined
foil n., a thin, silvery sheet of metal, often used in baking; a long, thin sword used in the sport of fencing; a person or thing that makes another seem better by contrast
foil v., to prevent someone from doing something
interest v., to gain the curiosity or attention of
interest n., something that a person enjoys and pursues; a concern of importance to someone;a share, right, or title in the ownership of a property; a sum paid for borrowing money
keen adj., very sharp; able to notice or perceive things easily; mentally quick or alert; eager or enthusiastic; intense in feeling or desire,
overcome v., to triumph over or defeat; to deal with or surmount a situation or problem; to be strongly affected or overpowered by something
page n., one side of a sheet of paper in a book or other text; an assistant to someone, usually in the capacity of a messenger or errand-runner; noteworthy or distinctive event in a time or period
page v., to find someone by calling out or announcing the person’s name or using a pager
panel n., a flat piece of wood or other material made to form part of a surface such as a wall;a board with controls or instruments on it; group of people chosen to do something such as judge, discuss, or serve in some capacity
pride n., self-respect or a sense of your own importance or worth; a feeling of satisfaction in something that has been achieved; a too-high opinion of one’s own importance or cleverness; the best of a group, class, or society
pride v., to indulge oneself in a feeling of being proud
string n., a thin cord or rope usually used for binding or tying; a thin wire on a musical instrument; a number of things of the same or similar kind
string v., to put a row of objects on a piece of string or wire
table n., a piece of furniture with a flat top that rests on legs; a chart that lists facts and figures, usually in columns
table v., to interrupt, set aside, or disrupt
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