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Describe three characteristics of an easy child according to Thomas and chess Have a positive dispostion. They show curiosity about new situations and their emotions are moderate or low intensity
Discuss three characteristics of a difficult child according to Thomas and chess Have more negative moods and are slow to adapt to new situations when confronted with a new situation they tend to withdrawal
Describe three characteristics of a slow to warm up child according to Thomas and chess The three characteristics of a slow to warm up child are inactive showing relatively calm reactions to their environment
Thomas and chess found that percent of children has easy temperament 40%
Maggie is one year old cheese sometimes sleeps through the night sometimes takes naps she is unsure on at me in new situations but give a chance to get used to it she usually okay Slow to warm up
Each Child's level of is a product of two internal assessments or judgment Self-esteem
Jane's educational system and is someone Jane really looks up to. Her assistant tells Jane," Jane I know you can do it! If you don't get perfect on your assignment then i will know you didn't try hard enough and I will be extremely disappointed with you Jane's self-esteem would have a negative impact she will thing all the time she needs to impress the teacher also her self-esteem would be low
Define self-esteem Self-esteem is an overall evaluation of one's based on an assessment of the qualities that make out your self concept
Describe to visible signs of attachment The two visible signs of attachment is clingy and following
Define attachment The positive emotion bond that develops between child and particular in the special individual
List four phases in the development of attachment One undiscriminating social responsiveness two discriminating social responsiveness. Three active proximity seeking or true attachment for goals connected partnership
Do infants only form attached with their mothers No babies can explore the world interack with others in venture away
Joey's parents play peekaboo with him who is more likely to do this mother or his father Joey's mother would play peekaboo with him as mothers are more nurturing their children
joey's parents is playing rough with him more like this mother or father Joey's father would play roughhouse with's fathers are more physical with their children in a good way just
List the four factors for insecure attachment Restraint attachment avoidance attachment disorganize or disoriented attachment secure attachment
Define internal working model intternal working model means to have an understanding
Draw the diagram used in class for the attachment dance Step one baby feels needs step two baby emits promoting promoting behavior step three caregivers responds step four if baby is responded to consistently trust develops
In contrast to parents of insecurely attached infants the parents of securely attached infants Are most sensitive in their interaction with their infant
Melanie is just one week old. Her mother is depressed. What do you recommend in order to ensure that Melanie and her mother have a good chance to form secure attachment Melanie mom should some help for her depression and get family members or friends to watch Melanie
With his parenting style is associated with best outcomes for children The best outcome for children is an authitative parent
Parents who are high and responsiveness and I in demandingness in this control best fit which parenting style Authoritative
.Mary who is 13 years old wants to go to special school functions with her friends. She would not be able to be home for her 9 PM curfew. However she could be home by 10 PM and besides it is on Friday night so there is no school next day authoritarian
the nextMary who is 13 years old wants to go to a rock concert in another city with her friends who are 18 and 20 years old and are planning to stay over night in the car and skip school Permissive
Describe authoritative parenting with reference to responsiveness and demandingness and control Authoritative Parenting and rules and flexible may give the child a chance to ask questions how they feel the rules
Describe authoritarian parenting with reference to responsiveness and demandingness and control authoritarian parentingIs they don't explain the rules to the child it's the parents way or no way at all
Describe permissive parenting with reference to responsiveness and demandingness and control Permissive parenting is very few rules that are not reinforced not demanding and not recommended
Describe neglectectful/ uninvolved parenting with reference to responsiveness and demandingness and control Neglectful/uninvolved parenting wouldn't have don't care to set rules or enforce them,
list Elizabeth Kulber- Ross's 5 stage of dying 1 denial and isolation 2 anger 3 bargaining 4 depression 5 acceptance
List the four concept in the Western understanding of death 1 finality 2 irreversibly 3 universality 4 biological causlity
Define biological death To be Judged" dead" a person must follow the criteria to be totally unresponsive to stimuli including painful ones
Define social death Two point at which the deceased person is treated like a corpse by others
Billy thinks that his pet gold fish who die may come back to life if he just feeds it more. Howl would you expect Billy to be Four years
Anne asks her mom," does grandma get hungry?" About her grandma who died last month. She is questioning which aspect of death Biological causality
Is the following statement true or false: howl one understands that is influenced by one's level of cognitive development. Explain It is true because children and adults have a different understanding about death
What is the average age at death for Canadian women? Canadian men? Canadian men average age at death is 77 years Canadian women average age at death is 82 years
Define euthanasia. What is the difference between active and passive euthanasia? The difference of active and passive euthanasia is active euthanasia deliberately and directly causing a person's death and passive euthanasia is with holding extraordinarily lifesaving treatment
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