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FM 7-22

Physical Readiness Training

What are the minimum APFT scores? 60 per event
What are the phases of physical conditioning? Initial Conditioning Toughening Sustaining Reconditioning
What are the three session elements of a PT session Preparation Activities Recovery
What is the purpose of PRT? To allow soldiers to meet the physical demands of any combat or duty position
What are the three common components of PRT? Strength Endurance Mobility
What are the principles of PRT Precision Progression Integration
What are the 8 qualitative performance factors? Agility Balance Coordination Flexibility Posture Stability Speed Power
What are the three types of PRT? On Ground Off Ground Combatives
How many scorers are needed for an APFT event? 1 scorer per 8 soldiers
What are the 2 PRT formations? Extended Rectangular Formation Extended Rectangular Formation Covered
What are the 10 exercises of the Preparation Drill? Bend and Reach Rear Lunge High Jumper Rower Squat Bender Windmill Forward Lunge Prone Row Bend Leg Body Twist Push Up
What are the exercises of the Recovery Drill? Overhead Arm Pull Rear Lunge Extend and Flex Thigh Stretch Single Leg Over
What are the principles of training? Train as you will fight Train to standard Train to sustain Conduct Multiechelon and Concurrent Training Train to develop agile leaders and organizations
What are the alternate aerobic events? 800 yard swim 6.2 mile stationary bike 6.2 mile bike ride 2.5 mile walk
What is DA Form 3349? Physical Profile Form
What is DA Form 705 PT Score Card
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