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FM 6-22 Appendix B


What are some techniques leaders may use during the directive approach to counseling? 1. Corrective Training 2. Commanding
What Field Manual covers counseling? FM 6-22 Appendix B
What are the characteristics of effective counseling -Purpose -Flexibility -Respect -Communication -Support
What are the three approaches to counseling? 1. Directive 2. Non-directive 3. Combined
What are the advantages of directive counseling? -Quickest method. -Good for people who need clear, concise direction. -Allows counselors to actively use their experience.
What are the disadvantages of directive counseling? -Doesn't encourage subordinates to be part of the solution. -Tends to treat symptoms, not problems -Tends to discourage subordinates from talking freely. -Solution is the counselor's, not the subordinate's.
What are the advantages of Non-directive counseling? -Encourages maturity. -Encourages open communication. -Develops personal responsibility
What are the disadvantages of Non-directive counseling? -More time-consuming. -Requires greatest counselor skill.
What are the advantages of combined counseling? -Moderately quick. -Encourages maturity. -Encourages open communication. -Allows counselors to actively use their experience
What is the disadvantage of combined counseling? -May take too much time for some situations.
What are the three major categories of developmental counseling? 1. Event counseling 2. Performance counseling 3. Professional growth counseling
What are some examples of Event counseling? 1. Instances of superior or substandard performance. 2. Reception and Integration Counseling. 3. Crisis Counseling 4. Referral Counseling 5. Promotion Counseling 6. Separation Counseling
What areas would you cover in a reception and integration counseling? -Chain of command familiarization. -Organizational standards. -Security and safety issues. -NCO support channel -On and off-duty conduct. -Personnel/personal affairs/initial and special clothing issue. -Organizational history, structure, and mission
What are the 4 stages of the Counseling Process? 1. Identify the need for counseling. 2. Prepare for counseling. 3. Conduct counseling. 4. Follow up.
What are the steps required to prepare for counseling? -Select a suitable place. -Schedule the time. -Notify the subordinate well in advance. -Organize information. -Outline the counseling session components. -Plan your counseling strategy. -Establish the right atmosphere.
A counseling session consists of what 4 basic components? -Opening the session. -Discussing the issues. -Developing the plan of action. -Recording and closing the session.
What is counseling? Counseling is the process used by leaders to review with a subordinate the subordinate's demonstrated performance and potential.
What are some counseling techniques leaders may explore during the nondirective or combined counseling approaches? 1. Suggesting Alternatives 2. Recommending 3. Persuading 4. Advising
How many human needs are there? 4 (Physical, Social, Security and Higher (Religious))
What is tact? A keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others and to avoid offense
What is the objective of counseling? For one person to help another
What are the 7 steps to problem solving? 1. ID the problem 2. Gather information 3. Develop criteria 4. Generate possible solutions 5. Analyze possible solutions 6. Compare possible solutions 7. Make and implement the decision
What is communications? Communications is the flow or exchange of information and ideas from one person to another.
Faulty communications causes most problems. True or false? True
Leaders should seek to develop and improve what three leader counseling skills? 1. Active Listening 2. Responding 3. Questioning
To insure that they understand the message sent to them, the receiver should send what back to the transmitter? Feedback
What are the qualities of an effective counselor? 1. Respect for subordinates 2. Self-awareness 3. Cultural awareness 4. Empathy 5. Credibility
In communications, your exchange of information has three important parts. What are they? 1. Message 2. Content 3. Context
Name some good conditions that make for good discipline -High performance standards -Loyalty to superiors and subordinates -Competitive activities -Tough training -Open channel of communications
What course of action should a supervisor take when a subordinate has been performing below his/her usual standards? 1. Counsel about substandard performance. 2. Attempt to define the problem with the soldier. 3. Afford opportunity and time to solve the problem. 4. Make a written statement of counseling
What are the stresses that influence behavior? -Fear -Hunger -Illness -Anxiety -Fatigue
By neglecting the welfare of your Soldiers, you will probably do what? Lose their respect and loyal cooperation
What form is used for counseling? DA Form 4856 E
When is the directive approach in counseling most likely to be used? When time is short, when the LEADER knows what to do, when the counseled soldier has limited problem-solving abilities.
Is it a requirement that a leader counsel his/her subordinates? Yes. A leader who neglects to counsel his subordinates is negligent in his performance of duty
Is performance counseling limited to bad performance? No. Counseling may also be for good performance
Created by: mattcobbs
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