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Personal Support Worker

Residents who must stay in bed are given a bed bath, in which the resident's entire body is washed one part at a time?
Deodorants reduce the amount of body perspiration
Cleanliness and skin care are needed for comfort, safety and health
Mrs. Jones asks for a back massage as part of her HS care. You should tell her massages are given during morning care
Mr. Peterson's toothbrush has hard bristles. This is good for oral hygiene. False
Unconscious persons are in the supine position for mouth care.
Your fingers are used in the unconscious person's mouth to keep it open for oral hygiene False
Ms. Jones has a denture. It should be washed in warm water over a hard surface.
Bath oils cleanse and soften skin.
Powders absorb moisture and prevent friction
Weak persons can be left sitting in a tub if they have a call bell False
Perineal care help prevent infection True
A reddened area is the first sign of a pressure ulcer
Soap will remove dirt, dry skin, all pathogenic organisms, and oil
When performing pericare you should clean from the anus to the urethra False
A bed cradle is used to keep linen off body parts
A client has dry/fragile skin, you should vigorously dry skin and apply lotion False
Cleansing perineal area should be done in privacy after incontinence as well as part of the daily hygiene routine True
A rash under the breast is caused by moisture and irritation True
Prone is the best position for perineal care
A foot board is used to prevent Footdrop or Plantar Flexion True
Red area with white centre indicates the start of a pressure ulcer
Abrasion A partial thickness wound caused by the scraping away or rubbing of skin
Alopecia Hair loss
Aspiration Inhalation of fluid or an object into the lungs
Pressure Ulcer An injury caused by unrelieved pressure
Boil (Furuncle) A skin disorder caused by the infection of a hair follicle
Cyst An abnormal closed sac, which may contain air, fluids, or semi-solid material
Dermatitis Inflammation of the skin caused by direct contact with an irritating or allergy-causing substance
Friction Resistance that skin encounters when it rubs against another surface such as clothing, bedding, or another fold of skin
Oral Hygiene Measures performed to keep the mouth and teeth clean; mouth care
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