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History ch6

Old Order an ancient regime created inequalities in french society. it included the king and the three estaes below him
King Louis XVI the king at the time of the revolution he lived at Versailles he was married to Marie-Antoinette
Marie Antoinette the wife of king Louis XVI she was from Austria which was traditionally an enemy of france
first estate a social group of people in France mad up of The Roman Catholic Clergey they had priveliges like not having to pay taxes and they owned land
second estate this class was made up of the nobility they payed few taxes and controlled much of the country's wealth they held key positions in government and the military
third estate the largest group of the french people including the Bourgeoisie and the Sans coulettes
Bourgeoisie a sub group of the third estate that was made up of lawyers, doctirs, merchants, factory owners they had no say in government and most were rich
Sans culottes a sub group of the third estate they were very poor they were brick layers carpenters dress makers
peasants they were below the sans culottes and farmed the fields of the nobles they also paid high taxes
name the types of things people said that caused the revolution enlightenment ideas of revolution and the limited british monarchy
what things happened in france that started the revolution France was in great debt and a series of drought and rivers freezing over hailstorms and scarcity of food also the first and second estate did not want to pay anything
what was and what happened at the meeting of the estates generals the meeting was conducted in order to approve new taxes on the third estate it was the first time in 175 years that it happened people wrote notebook with their grievances called cahiers. ended up forming the legislative assembly
national assembly the legislative assembly was formed during the estates generals because they wanted to change the way they voted they took the tennis court oath and wrote a new constitution for france
the storming of the bastille this is considered the start of the french revolution. people stormed the bastille looking for weapons and freed prisoners
declaration of the right of man and citizen stated all men are born equal and the freedom of speech press and religion it also restricted the first estate's legal powers.
olympe de gouges a famous paris playwright who wrote the declaration of the rights for women but it was turned down
march of rights about 7000 men and women marche to versailles demanding lower bread prices and eventually stormed it killing guards and escorted the king and his family back to paris.
legislative assembly this form of government was formed after the national assembly and and gave people voting rights and limited the monarchy
national convention it was formed after the legislative assembly voted itself out it abolished the monarchy and it declared france a republic
the Montagnards a group of the national convention who were the most radical their support mostly came from the lower and middle class
Jacobins club they were part of the montnagnards
girondins another political group who were moderates
the plains another political group made up of swing voter
Jean Paul Marat one of the most radical leaders and he was the leader of the sans culottes
George Jacques danton a radical leader who was a violent agitator and was popular with the public
maxmillian robespierre led the national convention and the revolution
comittee of public safety set up by the national convention to manage militayr defenses
5 man directory the governmetn after the national convention which restricted voting and was ineffective
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