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ANT Chpt 17 & 18

Anatomy Chapters 17 & 18

Which of the following is NOT true concerning the lymphatic system? Lymphatic tissue is present in only a few isolated organs in the body.
Which of the following are produced by virus-infected cells to protect unifected cells from viral invasion? prostaglandins
Lymph flow is aided by all of the above
Which of the following best represents lymph flow from the interstitial spaces back to the blood? capillaries --> vessels --> ducts --> junction of internal jugular & subclavian veins
Lymph nodes filter lymph
Which of the following is NOT true about the role of skin the innate immunity? Epidermal cells produce interferons to destroy viruses
Which of the following statements about B cells is true? Some develop into plasma cells that secrete antibodies.
The cells that release granzymes, perforin, granulysin, and lymphotoixin are? cytotoxic T cells
The secondary response in antibody-mediated immunity? is an intense response by memory cells to produce antibodies when an antigen is contacted again.
The ability of the body's immune system to recognize its own tissues is known as? self-tolerance
A disease that causes destruction of helper T cells would result in all of the following effects EXCEPT? alteration of lymph flow
In which lymphatic organ do T cells mature? thymus
Place the following steps involved in the process of inflammation in the correct order. d. 6, 2, 5, 1, 4, 3
What happens during opsonization? binding of complement to a microbe
All of the following contribute to innate immunity EXCEPT? immunoglobulins
Vasodilation and increased vessel permeability occur with the release of ? histamine
Place the phases of antigen processing in the correct order. b. 4, 1, 6, 2, 5, 3
Antibodies attack antigens by all of the following methods EXCEPT? production of acid secretions
What is the importance of tonsils int eh body's defenses? They help destroy microbes that are inhaled or ingested.
Which of the following is NOT true concerning the phyarynx? The palatine and lingual tonsils are located in the laryngopharynx.
During speaking, you raise your voice's pitch. This is possible because? you have increased the tension on the true vocal cords.
Johnny is having an asthma attack and feels as if he cannot breath. Why? Spasms in the bronchiole smooth muscle have blocked airflow to the alveoli.
Which sequence of events best descreibes inhalation? contraction of diaphragm and external intercostals --> increase in size of thoracic cavity --> decrease in alveolar pressure
Which of the following does NOT help keep air passages clear? capillaries in the nasal cavities
The inflation refelx is initiated by overinflation of the lungs.
How does hypercapnia affect respiration? It increases the rate of respiration?
Air would flow into the lungs along the following route? d. 6, 2, 3, 5, 1, 4
Under normal body conditions, hemoglobin releases oxygen more readily when? body temperature increases
Which of the following statements is NOT true concerning the lungs? The right lung contins the cardiac notch.
Exhalation occurs when alveolar pressure is greater than atmospheric pressure
Where is the cricoid cartilage located? larynx
What is a primary factor that allows bronchioles to collapse more readily than the rest of the bronchial tree? the rest of the bronchial tree contains supporting cartilage
The primary form in which oxygen is transported in the blood is? oxyhemoglobin
Decreasing the surface area of the respiratory membrane would affect? external respiration
In which form is carbon dioxide NOT carried in the blood? oxyhemoglobin
Fill in the blanks in the following chemical reactions. H2O, HCO3-
Of the following, which would have the highest partial pressure of oxygen? alveolar air immediately after inhalation
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