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Health Knowledgebowl

SkillsUSA contest

Academic Foundations: What is the abundant inorganic component found in all body tissues? H2O
Academic Foundations: Which body system serves as a barrier to infection? Integumentary
Academic Foundations: The name for the protein that the body produces in response to an antigen is a/an? Antibody
Academic Foundations: Recently NY mayor attempted to ban the large size (more than 16 oz) of what food product? Sugary Drinks/Soft Drinks/POP
Academic Foundations: The blood vessels that carry blood from the aorta to the myocardium are called the? Coronary Arteries
Academic Foundations: The condition of farsightedness caused by a loss of elasticity seen in aging is called? Presbyopia
Academic Foundations: The life stage from ages 18-40 that has intimacy vs isolation as the basic conflict according to Erikson is? Adulthood
Academic Foundations: How is 3:30 pm written in military time or 24 hour clock? 1530
Academic Foundations: An outbreak of disease that occurs over a wide geographic area affects a high proportion of the population is a/an? Pandemic
Academic Foundations: What is the name for a solid elevated lesion of skin? Papule
Academic Foundations: During a recent 2013 NCAA basketball came, Kevin Ware, a player for Louisville fractured what two bones? Tibia and Fibula
Academic Foundations: The body's reaction to any stimulus that requires a person to adjust to change is called? Stress
Safety: Diseases that are easily transmitted by physical contact or secretions are called? Communicable
Safety: What are the three disease that are identified by the Blood borne Pathogen Standard that can be contracted by exposure to body fluids Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C
Safety: What is the class of fire extinguishers that can be used on most fires regardless of they type of fire? ABC or ABCD
Safety: Gloves, mask, gowns, and goggles are means used to protect a health care worker from infection. What is the term for these items? Personal Protective Equipment
Safety: Standard precautions for all healthcare worker for all contact with blood and body fluids require the use of what PPE? Gloves
Safety: What is the name of the infection acquired in the hospital? Nosocomial
Health Maintenance: What is the name of the measure of the human body based on an individuals weight and health? Body mass index
Health Maintenance: What is the name of the Health Maintenance: Disease that has a vaccine available for adults age 60 and older to prevent a recurrence of the Chickenpox Virus? Shingles or Herpes zoster
Health Maintenance: Name of the virus that causes AIDS is? Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Health Maintenance: What rapidly growing field provides less expensive care and may include nursing care, therapy, social service, nutritional services, and other types of care rather than a hospital or long-term care facility? Home Health Care
Teamwork: A group of many professions with different levels of education, ideas, backgrounds, and interests working together to care for a patient describes a? Team or Healthcare Team
Teamwork: The leader who maintains total rule, makes all the decisions and has difficulty delegating duties is called? Autocratic Leader or Autocratic Dictator
Teamwork: the team member who helps investigate crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence is part of what career? Forensic Science
Teamwork: Phlebotomy, practical nurse, medical assistant, pharmacy tech fall in which services pathway? Clinical Health Care Services
Systems: Gardasil is a vaccine approved by the FDA given to prevent diseases caused by what virus? Human Papilloma Virus
Systems: What is the white fatty substance that coast an axon and increases the rate of nerve impulse transmission? Myelin or Myelin Sheath
Systems: According to an article in the USA Today certain fruits and veggies are called the dirty dozen. Why are they given this name? Pesticide Residue
Created by: htj1996