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History ch6 sec 4

Czar Alexander I Rusian ruler when Napoleon invaded Russia and won a battle but suffered many casualties because of disease and hunger on the march back, many more were killed due to the cold.
What countries allied in order to defeat Russia Austria Prussia Russia and Great Britain all defeated NApoleon in Germany then they entered PAris
The island of Elba the first island that Napoleon was exiled to with about 400 guards and a small pension. Napoleon was dethroned but was allowed to keep the title of emperor.
What did the allies do when Napoleon was exiled for the first time they returned France to a monarchy and surrounded it with powerful countries. the king was Louis XVIII and he became very unpopular very quickly.
how did Napoleon return to France from exile he hired a ship and returned because he was high up and he can do that
what happened when Napoleon returned to France King Louis XVIII fled to belgium and some people were happy others were not. the hundred days also started
the period of the Hundred Days a period of time when Napoleon returned from exile and renewed glory for Napoleon this also created a problem for his enimies
Battle of Waterloo after Napoleon returned from exile he attempted to expand the French empire again. In beligium he battled british troops of the duke of wellington and he suffered great losses at that battle and it eneded the napoleonic wars
Duke of Wellington a british military commander with the help of the beligians germans dutch and prussians defeated napoleon at the battle of waterloo
what happened to Napoleon after he lost at waterloo he tried to escape to america but was captured and exiled to st helena an island in the south atlantic 1200 miles from the nearest mainland. he died 6 years later at 51
the congress of Vienna before Napoleon escaped from elba countries gathered to restore order in europe by redrawing the map surrounding France with powerful countries
who were some people that attended the congress of vienna about 700 diplomats attended but some important figures included Czar Alexander I, Lord Castlereagh of britain, King Frederick William III of Prussia, Prince Klemens von Metternich of Austria, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand attended on behalf of DFrance
indemity a payment to other countries to compensate them for damages
reactionary people with reactionary ideas not only oppose progress but also want conditions to return to those of earlier
prince Klemens Meternich a reactionist who wanted everything to be like it was before 1789
Created by: gioia15peter