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Europe in Crisis Vob

Chapter 7 Vocabulary List

Militant combative
Czar Russian for "Cesar" ; the title used by Russian emperors.
Armada a fleet of warships.
Huguenots French protestants influenced by John Calvin. Made up only about 7% of total French population but 40-50% of the nobility became Huguenots
Edict of Nantes recognized catholicism as the official religion of France, but it also gave the Huguenots the right to worship and the enjoy all political privileges such as holding public office.
Inflation rising prices
Witchcraft magic
Divine Right of Kings kings received power from god and are responsible only to God.
Commonwealth a republic
Puritans protestants in England inspired by John Calvin
Cavaliers royalists
roundheads people with short hair
boyar Russian nobility
Mannerism movement in Italy 1520's to 30's developing manners.
Baroque movement in Italy 16th century Europe to Latin America where catholic reformation occurred
Natural rights rights believed to be received upon birth
El Greco the Greek
Absolutism system in which who rules has all the power.
Created by: lindseybertone