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Mesopotamia/New&Old Stone Ages

Historian One who writes [records] about artifact and events.
Culture The way of life for people.
Religion The practicing of one's faith.
Legacy How a person [or people] will be remembered.
Archaeology The study of ancient cultures through artifacts.
Government The form of ruling over.
Domesticate To tame.
Nomad A person with no permanent home.
Cultivate To prepare [the land.]
Irrigate To water.
History A time written [recorded accounts.]
Prehistory A time BEFORE written history.
Artifacts Objects from the past that were made by HUMANS.
Secondary Source A COPY of the actual item.
Geography The study of the Earth.
Archaeologist A person who studies human prehistoric and historic cultures through artifacts.
Specialize To have a skill
Primary Source The ACTUAL item.
Game Hunted animal.
Artisan A craft worker.
Empire All land and people under ONE government.
Civilzation A group of people with a government, religion, and learning system. (GRL)
City state Own: Government Land Army Share: Language Customs Religions.
Mesopotamia Land between two rivers. (Tigris and Euphrates)
Drought Lack of water
Famine Lack of food
Surplus More that needed
Barter Exchange of skills, items, for each other's needs (NO MONEY)
Fertile Cresent Area made fertile by the overflow of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Ziggurat A temple for the gods
Cuneiform The written language for Mesopotamia
Code of Hammurabi Written laws (282) with more than harsh punishments.
Hammurabi The king of Babylon who wrote the laws
Babylon A city-state on the Euphrates which grew to be a vast empire.
Sumer A city-state on the two rivers.
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