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Stufflet Unit 8 Eur

Unit 8 Euro

Bourbons French monarchy
Louis XVI French monarch during French Revolution; he was guillotined in 1794
popular sovereignty the concept that political power is derived from the people
social contract theory states that people enter into a contract with those who govern them when they elect them and that they may REVOLT if their rights are not upheld
John Locke outlined social contract theory in Two Treatises on Government
Baron de Montesquieu Spirit of the Laws; argued for separation of powers
bourgeoisie well-educated middle class
ancien regime term for pre-revolutionary France
1st Estate corporate body comprised of the clergy
2nd Estate corporate body composed of the nobility
3rd Estate corporate body composing 97% of French population
tithe giving 10% of income to Church
gabelle tax on salt
Estates General body comprised of three French estates
cahiers de doleances “notebooks” of complaints brought by delegates to Estates General
What is the Third Estate? said nobility was tiny and overprivileged and Third Estate was truly representative of French people
Oath of the Tennis Court said National Assembly would not disband until they had written a constitution
Bastille prison stormed by Parisians to gain weapons
Great Fear A general fear among the peasants that the aristocracy was going to starve them out after events in Paris
Declaration of the Rights of Man passed by the National Assembly; promoted equality before the law, representative govt, individual freedoms
assignats paper money created by the National Assembly
Edmund Burke wrote Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790); father of modern conservatism
Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790) pamphlet that criticized the French Revolution as too radical
Mary Wollstonecraft wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Man and A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
Mountain more radical members of the Jacobin Club
Girondists more moderate members of the Jacobin Club
Jacobins political club that supported the Revolution
Committee of Public Safety created by the Mountain faction to radicalize the Revolution
san-culottes radical, left-wing members of the lower-class
Robespierre leader of the Mountain faction of Jacobins; later guillotined
Directory dictatorial five man council that ruled from 1797 until 1799
Concordat of 1801 agreement between Napoleon and Catholic Church that re-instated Catholicism in France
continental system Napoleon's blockade of European ports; the purpose was to cut the British off from European trade
Hundred days Napoleon’s last-ditched effort to re-take France in spring 1815
Waterloo final defeat of Napoleon's forces in Belgium by the Quadruple Alliance
Trafalgar battle in which Britain's navy crushed Napoleon's forces and prevented an invasion of Britain
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