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SAT words

50 SAT words

aestetic having to do with the appericiation of beauty
adept very skilled; proficfent
advocate to speak or write in favor
amicable characterazied by or showing goodwill; friendly
ardent having,expressive of,or characterized by intense feeling
assertive confidently agressive or self assured; positive
auspicious of favorable; promising
autonomy independence or freedom
benevolent characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feelings
benign having a kindly disposition; gracious
candor sincerity; oppenness
candid frank;outspoken; open and sincere
cathartic cleaning, clensing, purifying
collaboration the act or process of collaborating
compelling having a powerful or irresistible effect
comprehensive broad or complete in scope or content
contemperary current, modern; of the present time feeling
distingush to mark off as different
diligent marked by painstaking effort; hardworking
domestic of or pretaining to the home, the household affairs, or the family
eccentric deviating from customary behavior
eclectic made up of a variety of sources and styles
empirical derived from or guided by experience or experiment
evoke to call up or produce
fervent having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit
gregarious found of the company of others; sociable
idealize to consider perfect
identity the condition of being oneself or itself
impartial not partial or biased; fair just
abbreviate to shorten, abridge
abstinence the act of refraining from pleasurable activity, e.g, eating or drinking
adulation high praise
adversity misfourtune, an unfavorable turn of events
anachronistic out-of-sate, not attributed to the correct historical period
anecdote short, usually funny account of an event
anonymous nameless, without a disclosed identity
antagoinst foe,oppent,adversary
arid extremely dry or deathly boring
assiduous persistenet or hardworking
asylum sanctuary, shelter, place of refuge
camaraderie trust, sociablilty among friends
censure to criticize harshly
circutious indirect, taking the longest route
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