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acromi/o acromion
a little swelling
A/CPx annual complete physical
A/S aortic stenosis
Abnormal condition -osis
Above/upon epi-
ACL Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Act of measuring -metry
-ad toward
AE Above elbow
AHE Annual health examination
-al pertaining to
AE Above knee
-Algia Pain
Ankyl/o stiffness,bent,crooked
Arthr/o Joint
-asthenia weakness/dibility
-ate having the form of
ax/o axis, axon
bad;painful;difficult cine-
band;fascia fasci/o
between inter-
binding,fixation -desis
BKA Below knee amputation
-blast embryonic cell
bone marrow myel/o
brachi/o arm
brachy- short
C1 First cervical vertebrae
C2 Second cervical vertebrae
calane/o heel bone
carp/o wrist bones
cartilage chondr/o
CDH congential dislocation of the hip
cell -cyte
cephal/o head
cervic/o neck
change;beyond meta-
chest thorac/o
chonr/o cartilage
cine- bad;painful
clavicle clavicu/o
CO coccygeal nerves
coccyg/o coccyx
coccyx coccyg/o`
Condition -ism
Condyl/o condyle
cost/o Ribs
Crani/o Skull
Cross cruci/o
Cruci/o cross
CT Computed Tomography
CTS Carpul Tunnel Syndrome
Curve/sway back Lord/o
D.P.M Doctor of podiatric medicine
Dactyl/o Finger,Toes
-Desis Binding,Fixation
DEXA Dual Engery Xray Absorption
DJD Degenerative Joint Disease
DO Doctor of osteopathy
-dynia pain
-eal pertaining to
ECG Electro cardiogram
ECRB Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis
-ectomy excision,removal
embryonic cell blast/o
EMG Electromyography
Enlargement Megal/o
epi- above,beyond
F/S frozen section
face faci/o
Fingers/toes dactyl/o
Flesh/connective tissue sarc/o
Foot pod/o
-graph instrument of recording
having the form of, possessing -ate
HD Hemodialysis
HNP Herniated Nucleus Pulposis
HP Hemipelvectomy
Humer/o upper arm (hummerus)
Humpback Kyphosis
-iatry condition
-ic treatment, medicine
ili/o ilium(hipbone)
IM Intra muscular
Incision -tomy
inflammation -itis
IS Intra costal space
-ist specialist
KD Knee disarticulation
Kyph/o Kyphosis
L1 First lumbar vertebrae
L2 Second lumbar vertebrae
lei/o smooth
leiomy/o smooth muscle
LS lumbo sacral spine
-malacia softening
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