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SAT vocab prep

hubris arrogance
exegient demanding
detritus debris
infinitesimal infinitely small
finite limited; not continuous
impeccable perfect
tome old book
lore traditional tales
jetsom material from a wreckage
flatsom material from a wreckage
aver formal decleration
antediluvian extremely old.
cupidity eager or excessive desire, especially for wealth.
fiduciary relating to the holding of something in trust for another.
mephitic offensive to the smell; also, noxious.
anodyne serving to relieve pain.
tatterdemalion a person dressed in tattered clothing.
malinger to feign illness or inability.
insensate lacking sensation or awareness.
supernumerary exceeding a necessary or usual number.
gamine an urchin; also, a mischievous girl or young woman.
melange A mixture; a medley.
asseverate to affirm or declare positively or earnestly.
sentient capable of perceiving by the senses.
malapropos inappropriate
nimiety excess
surreptitious done, made, or gotten by stealth
stealth secret, clandestine
pleonasm the use of more words than are necessary to express an idea
abominate to detest intensely.
myrmidon a loyal follower