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Limiting Trans Fat

Trans fats should be limited in restaurants to reduce medical conditions..

TFAs(Trans Fatty Acids) A type of unsaturated fat that is found in foods.
Ruminants A herbivore mammal that chews and swallows the plants, then vomiting them back up until they are digested enough to go through all of the stomachs.
SFAs(Saturated Fatty Acids) A type of fat that is so full of H2O that it cannot absorb anymore hydrogen atoms.
Margarine A substitute similar to butter that is made out of vegetable oils and animal fats.
Reformulation The action of creating something again.
Multinational Many nations/countries.
Biomarkers Measurable substance in a living thing.
Feasible Able to do easily.
Lipoprotein Fatty protein.
Ban To not allow or legally prohibit.
Emulation To equal or surpass.
Obesity The condition of being grossly overweight.
Diabetes A disease in which the body can't produce enough insulin.
Subsequent Following, after.
Preempted To prevent something from happening.
Enacted To make law.
Nutrients Nourishment needed for growth.
Scrutiny Observation.
Implementing Put into use.
Disclosure Making unknown information known.
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