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Chp 7 Study Guide

What are the qualifications for becoming president? 35 years old, Native-born "American" citizen, Resident of US for at least 14 years.
What race and religion have most presidents been? White and Christian.
How does the Electoral College work? Each state appoints electors, who then vote for one of the major candidates.
How many electoral votes does a candidate need to win the presidency? 270 of 538 electoral votes.
What does the 22nd Amendment do? Limits the terms of the president(2 terms, max. of 10 years of began during another term).
How much money does the president make? $400,000 per year including travel and vacation.
What is the Vice President's purpose? Replace the president in case he were to leave or die.
What is the line of presidential succession(know the first 4)? President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, President Pro Tem.
What does the 25th amendment do? Gives VP a role in determining whether a President is disabled or unable to do the job.
When has the 24th amendment been used? When the president dies.
What is the president's main job? To enforce laws.
What 7 powers does the constitution give the president? 1. Veto bills passed by congress 2. Call congress into special session 3. Commander in chief 4. Receive leaders 5. Makes treaties 6. Appoint leaders 7. Pardon people of convicted crimes
What is the state of the union address? It discusses the most important issues facing the nation.
What are the 7 roles of the president? 1. Auth. Executive 2. Give executive orders 3. Appoint judges 4. Power to pardon 5. Reprieve, or give amnesty 6. Chief diplomat 7. Commander in Chief
What is an executive order? A rule or command that has the force of law, deals with big issues.
What does the War Powers Resolution state? President must notify Congress within 48 hours when troops sent to battle, must be brought home after 60 days unless Congress gives the approval for them to remain longer.
What is foreign policy? A nation's overall plan for dealing with other nations.
What are the 4 goals of foreign policy? 1. National Security 2. International trade 3. Promoting world peace 4. Promote democracy, preserve basic human rights, encourage peaceful gov'ts
What are the five tools the president uses to enforce foreign policy? 1. Creating treaties and Executive agreements 2. International trade 3. Appointing Ambassadors 4. Foreign Aid 5. Military Force
What does the Office of Management and Budget do? Prepares federal budget, monitors spending by hundreds of gov't agencies.
What does the National Security Council do? Helps the president coordinate military, foreign policy.
What does the Council of Economic Advisers do? Give president advice about economic matters.
What is the cabinet? What gives the cabinet its power? Group of presidential advisors, not specified in constitution, head of 15 top level executive departments.
What is the job of the cabinet? Make important policy decisions and meet when president finds it necessary.
What is the federal bureaucracy? Agencies and employees of the executive branch.
What are political appointees? People who have served the president.
Define civil service system and spoils system. The practice of hiring workers on the basis open, competitive examinations & merit.
Created by: anav37
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