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Cell Terms

Cyt/o Cell
-skeleton framework
cyto/skeleton helps maintain cell’s shape
Chromo Colored
-some Body
Cromo/some Colored body in the cell, contains DNA
Hyper Excessive
Hypo Below normal
Neo New
-plasm Growth
Neo/plasm New growth
Phag/o Eat
Sis Process of, condition
Phago/cytosis Process of cell eating
Hist/o Tissue
Histology The study of tissue
Ana Dissection
-tom Cutting
-y Process of
anatomy process of cutting apart, dissection; study of form & structure of an organism
physi/o nature or natural (function)
-ology Study of
Physi/ology study of nature or natural; the study of processes & function of the human body
homeo the same, steady
homeostasis remaining stable; the tendency of an organism or cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes. Some of the functions controlled by homeostatic mechanisms are heartbeat, hematopoiesis, blood pressure, body temperature.
malignant cells divide and grow uncontrollably & invade nearby body parts
benign favorable for recovery, not malignant
meta beyond or after
-stasis Controlled
meta/stasis beyond control; a secondary cancer, or one that has spread from one area of the body to another.
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