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Fluid and electrolyes Nursing

BMI less than 18.5 underweight
BMI greater than 25- 29.9 overweight
BMI greater than 30 obese
BMI over 40 extremely obese
Significant weight loss 5% over 1 month 10% over 6 months
Severe weight loss greater than 5% over 1 month greater than 10% over 6 months
Red raw fissured tongue vit b def.
face pallor anemia or iron def.
edema protein def.
bitemporal wasting protein def.
spongy red bleeding gums vit def.
pale conjunctiva iron def.
lip cheilosis vit B def.
Hemoglobin levels M: 14-18 F: 12-16 Blood loss, GI cancer less than 11 should be evaluated
transferrin carries iron & part of RBC for Low levels = anemia
Total Iron Binding Capacity Increased = low iron stores, iron def. 225-500 micro/dl
albumin 3.5-5 ml/dl (long term evaluation)
Prealbumin 15-35 ml/dl (short term) less than 15 ^ risk for protein def. less than 11= aggressively addressing nutrition
Renal diet limit fluid, low protein, potassium, phosphorus, attention to calories
celiac disease avoid gluten
Low residue diet Low fiber(10-15g/ day) easy to digest, avoid seeds shelled veggies
Contraindications to NG tube history of reflux, gastroparesis, aspiration USE: nasointestine or nasoenteric
hypoglycemia 70 mg/dl- jitters, sweat, fatigue, disoriented GIVE:4 oz juice/soda, cake icing, glucose tab
hyperglycemia 100-110 high 160 treat
Created by: bns5192
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