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The Ears

Ot/o OR aur/i OR aur/o ear(s)
Otitis Media(OM) Inflammation of a middle ear
Otalgia A condition of ear pain
Otomycosis An abnormal condition of fungus in an ear
Otitis externa Inflammation of an outer (external)ear
Otopyorrhea Purulent discharge(flow)from an ear
Otoscope A lighted instrument to view an ear
Otologist A specialist in the study of the ears
Otorhinoaryngologist A specialist in the Ears,Nose,AND Throat
Aural Pertaining to an ear
Auricle The outer cartilaginous flap of an ear AKA a pinna
Myring/o OR tympan/o Typanic membrane(s) AKA earDRUM(s)(Ringo starr-DRUMmer for the Beatles)
Myringitis OR tympanitis Inflammation of an tympanic membrane (eardrum)
Myringotomy Surgical incision of a tympanic membrane(eardrum)
Tympanorrhexis Rupture of a tympanic membrane(eardrum)
Tympanoplasty Surgical repair of an eardrum(tympanic membrane)
Thmpanometer An instrument to measure the function of an eardrum(tympanic membrane)
Tympanometry The process of measuring the function of an eardrum(tympanic membrane)
Acous/o OR audi/o Hearing
Acoustic neuroma Tumor or mass of an acoustic (auditory)nerve
Audiometer OR acoumeter A instrument to measure hearing
Audiometry The process of measuring hearing
Audiogram A record of hearing
Audiologist A specialist in the study of hearing
Labryrinth/o Labryrinth(s)
Each Labyrinth is found in the inner ear AND aids in Balance and equilibrium
Labyrinthitis Inflammation of a labyrinth
Labyrinthectomy Excision of a labyrinth
Cochle/o Cochlea(e)
The function of each cochlea is to Perceive sound vibrations
Cochlear implant A prosthetic devicee designed to treat deafness caused by dysfunctional cochleae
Auditory ossicles 3 BONES of the middle ear
The names of these auditory ossicles are: 1.)Malleus(hammer) 2.)Incus(anvil) 3.)Stapes(stirrup)
Oval window Where a stapes connects to a cochlea
Eustachian tubes Bilateral tubes(ducts,vessels) that connect each middle ear to the pharynx(throat)
The purpose of the Eustachinian tubes is to Equalize pressure to prevent tympanorrhexis
Mastoid bone A cranial bone located posterior to each external auditory meatus (os,orifice)
Mastoiditis Inflammation of a mastoid bone
The mastoid bones can Transmit(conduct)vibrations to the cochleae to aid in hearing
Otomastoiditis Inflammation of an ear AND mastoid bone
Mastoidotomy Surgical incision of a mastoid bone
Mastoidectomy Excision of a mastoid bone
Ceruminoma Tumor or mass of the gland that secrete cerumen(earwax)
Anacusis Hearing loss AKA deafness
Presbycusis Hearing impairment related to aging
Decibel A unit of measurement of the loudness of sound
Tinnitus Ringing OR buzzing in an ear(s)
Tuning fork A diagnostic instrument to measure hearing
Conduction Impairment Dyfunction of the structures of an ear that effect vibration(conduction)transmission
Meniere's disease A disorder of the labyrinths that lead to progessive anacusis(deafness)vertigo(dizziness) AND tinnitus(ringing in the ears)
A.D.(AD) Right ear
A.S.(AS) Left ear
A.U.(AU) Both ears
HOH Hard Of Hearing
PET Pressure Equalization Tube(s) OR Positron Emission Tomography
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