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Feeding tube

Aspiration To cough up a foreign substance
Pneumothorax A collection of air in chest
Atelectasis The collasping of a lung
Malpositioning Bad placement
Pleural Effusion Too much fluid in the pleural cavity
Feeding Tube A tube that helps nourshment of a patient that can't eat on their own
pH Testing To measure the acidity of the stomach
Ausculation to listen to the lungs
Chest X-ray To use radioactive rays to view the chest
Insufflated Air Gurgling
Gastrointestinal Relating to the stomach and intestines
Esophagus tube from your mouth to the stomach
Endotracheal Within the trachea
Regurgitation the back flow of a substance from the mouth
Consciousness the feeling of awareness
Sedated to be put to sleep
Intubated to have a tube inserted
Debilitated to take strength away
Inadvertent to be careless
Pleural Cavity A spacebetween the pleura, teo thin membranes that lines the lungs
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