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The Eyes

Ophthalm/o OR Ocul/o Eye(s)
Ophthalmic Pertaining to an eye
Ophthalmologist A specialist in the study of the eyes
Ophthalmalgia A condition of pain in an eye
Intraocular Pertaining to within an eye
Endopthalmitis Inflammation of the eye's inner layer
Ophthalmorrhagia A rapid flow of blood from an eye
Ophthalmopathy A disease condition of an eye
Ocular prosthesis An artificial eye
Ophthalmoscope A lighted instrument used to view an eye
A type of ophthalmoscope is called a Slit lamp
Ophthalmoscopy The process of viewing an eye
Oculomycosis An abnormal condition of an eye caused by a fungus
Binocular Pertaining to(vision with)two eyes
Blephar/o Eyelid(s)
Blepharitis Inflammation of an eyelid
Blepharoplasty Surgical repair of an eyelid
Blepharoptosis Drooping or sagging(prolapse)of an eyelid
Conjunctiv/o Conjunctiva(e)
A Conjunctiva is a Mucous membrane lining of an eyelid
Conjunctivitis Inflammation of a conjunctiva AKA pinkeye
Scler/o Sclera(e)
A Sclera is the White opaque portion of an eye
Opaque(opacity)means Light will not pass through it
Scleritis Inflammation of a sclera
Sclerotomy Surgical incision of a sclera
Sclerostomy An artificial opening into a sclera
Corne/o OR Kerat/o Cornea(s)
A cornea is the Transparent portion of a sclera
Thansparent means Light will pass through it
Corneal abrasion Pertaining to a scraped OR scratched cornea
A corneal abrasion is commonly caused by a Foreign Body(FB)
Keratitis Inflammation of a cornea
Keratoplasty Surgical repair of a corea
Sclerokeratitis Inflammation of a sclera AND cornea
Keratometer An instrument to measure a cornea
Iri/o OR irid/o Iris(es)
An iris(es) is the Colored portion of an eye
Iritis Inflammation of an iris
Iridectomy Excision of section of an iris
Iridosclerotomy A surgical incision of an iris AND sclera
Iridoplegia Paralysis of an iris
Corneoiritis Inflammation of a cornea AND iris
Cor/o OR core/o OR pupill/o Pupil(s)
A pupil is an Opening(os,orifice,meatus)in the center of an iris
Pupillary Pertaining to a pupil
Pupillometer An instument used to measure a pupil
Leukocoria A condition of a white pupil
The pupils have the ability to increase in size called Pupillary dilation
The pupils have the ability to decrease in size called Pupillary constriction
Retin/o Retina(e)
The function of each retina is to Perceive light
Photoretinitis Inflammation of a retina caused by extreme light
Retinopathy Disease condition of a retina
Retinoblastoma Tumor OR mass of a retina
Retinal Detachment(RD) Separation of a retina from an eye
Cryoretinopexy Surgical fixation of a retina by freezing
Retinitis Pigmentosa(RP) A genetic degeneration (deterioration)of the retinae
Phac/o Crystalline lens(es)
The purpose of each Crystalline lens is to refract light on the retinae
Refraction means to Bend(focus)light
Phacocele Herniation of a(crystalline)lens
DaCRY/o OR lacrim/o Tear
Dacryoadenitis Inflammation of a lacrimal(tear)gland
Lacrimate To produce tears(cry)
Nasolacrimal Pertaining to the nose AND lacrimal(tear)duct(s)
Dacryocystorhinostomy Artificial opening between a lacrimal (tear)sac(bladder)AND the nose
Dacryocystotomy Surgical incision of a (lacrimal)tear sac(bladder)
Opt/o OR -opia Vision
Optometrist OR optician A specialist in the measurement of vision
Optic Pertaining to vision
Optometer An instrument used to measure vision
Optomyometer An instrument to measure the muscles of vision
Emmetropia(emmetropic)(Em) A condition of(pertaining to)normal vision
Hyperopia(hyperopic) A condition of(pertaining to )farsightedness
Myopia(myopic) A condition of(pertaining to)nearsightedness
Nyctalopia(nyctalopic)(nick at night) A condition of(pertaining to)poor vision at night AKA night blindness
Presbyopia(presbyopic) A condition of(pertaining to)impaired vision as a result of aging
Diplopia(diplopic) A condition of(pertaining to)double vision
Strabismus OR heterotropia Deviation of an eye(s) in different direction(s)
Exotropia(exotropic) An eye(s)deviate(s) outward AKA walleyed
Esotropia(esotropic) An eye(s)deviate(s)inward AKA cross-eyed
Hypertropia(hypertropic) An eye(s)deviate(s)upward
Hypotropia(hypotropic) An eye(s)deviate(s) downward
Amblyopia(amblyopic) Poor vision associated with strabismus(heterotropia)AKA lazy eye syndrome
Orthoptic training Eye exercises designed to correct strabismus(heterotropia)
Strabotomy Surgical incision of a muscle(s)OR tendon(s)of an eye to correct strabimus(heterotropia)
Enucleation Sugical removal of an eye
Photophobia(photophobic) Sensitivity to light
Orbits The bony cavities of the cranium(skull)that contain AND protect the eyeballs
Papilledema Swelling AND inflammation of an optic nerve indicative of increased IntraCranial Pressure (ICP)
Nystagmus An involuntary,constant,rhythmic movement of the eyeballs
Fluorescein angiography The process of recording(X-rays)the blood vessels of an eye after Intravenous(I.V.)injection of a radiopaque dye
Peripheral vision Lateral vision when looking straight ahead
Cataract Clouding(opacity)of a lens
Phacoemulsification The use of an ultrasonic needle probe OR laser to break up AND aspirate an opaque lens
Glaucoma Abnormally increased IntraOcular Pressure (IOP)
Glaucoma can damage the retinea AND lead to Permanent blindness
Tonometer An instrument to measure IntraOcular Pressure(IOP)
Tonometry Tonometry is a test for glaucoma
Chalazion Obstruction of a sebaceous(oil)gland of an eyelid
sty Infection of a sebaceous(oil)gland of an eyelid AKA hordeolum
Visual Acuity(VA) The ability of the eye(s) to accommodate(focus)
Snellen eye chart Block letters in successive lines of decreasing size used to check visual acuity(accommodation)
ASTIgmatism(Ast) Defective curvature of a lens
LASIK Laser Assisted In situ Keratoplasty
Laser Assisted In situ Keratoplasty(LASIK)is a treatment for myopia
PhotoRefractive Keratectomy(PRK) Laser surgery to correct myopia
Radial Keratotomy(RK) Surgery to correct myopia
Conductive Keratoplasty(CK) Surgery using radio waves to correct hyperopia
Implantable Collamer Lens(ICL) Prosthetic IntraOcular Lens(IOL)Surgically implanted to correct myopia
DR Diabetic Retinopathy
O.D.(OD) Right eye OR OverDose
O.S.(OS) Left eye
O.U.(OU) Both eyes
Pearrla Pupils Equal And Round React to Light +Accommodation
Accommodation means The ability to focus
REM Rapid Eye Movement
Rapid Eye Movement(REM)sleep signals the onset of Dreaming
VF Visual Field
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