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Agricultural and Industrial Revolution

how did the majority of people feel about change and innovation didn't want it, wanted tradition
what was the most important fact of life for most of the population grain harvest
what is aristocratic resurgence nobilitys reaction to threat they felt from expanding monarchies
significance of land in 18th century foudnation for power of nobility
geographic trend in power of landords from west to east power increased
what taxes/dues were french peasants subject to? banalties (forced them to use seigneur's mill/oven and pay for it, corvee (forced labor)
what were robot? serivce that serfs were required to give in Austria + prussia
life for peasants in ottoman areas officially free but dependednt and controlled by landlords
define pugachev's rebellion largest peasant rebellion in 18thc, in russia, pugachev promised serfs freedom from lords
type of uprsisings in Europe rural riots, aimed at property, pro tradition
how were peasant uprisings considered conservative targets carefully chosen
game laws are prime example of legislation related directly to economic and social status
major concern about food supply innovations would endanger it
what happened to bread prices in 18th c and why? who benefitted? slowly incerased bc population growth. landowners
define agricultural revolution 18th innovations in farming by landowners
main factor for increase in population more food
impact of population explosion created new demands for food, goods, jobs, increased migration, more social problems, more innovation
define the inustrial revolution period of sustained economic growth
what made the industrial changes revolutionary impact on future european society
social factors that helped consumer economy increased wealth and expanding domestic markets
why were some critical of consumer economy went against spartan asceticism and christian ethics
textile production is key example of industrialism growing to meet demands of consumer economy
domestic/putting out system = urban merchants sent wool to peasant houses to be spun then sold it
what is flying shuttle john kays invention that increased weaving productviity
what is spinning jenny allowed numerous threads to be spun on same machine
what was water frame water-powered device that priduced purely cotton fabric to meet cotton demand
what did steam engine allow industrialization to expand areas of production
why was steam power better portable source of power that did not change as seasons changed , unlimited energy source
what fueled the industrial revolution growing population/ consumer economy
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