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ML Orthopedics Ch 8

ML Orthopedics, Skeletal (Chapter 8)

acetabul/o- acetabulum (hip socket)
acromi/o- acromion
alg/o- pain
alges/o- pain
algin/o- arranging in a straight line
all/o- other;strange
amputat/o- to cut off
amput/o- to cut off
ankyl/o- fused together, stiff
appendicul/o- limb; small attached part
arthr/o- joint
articul/o- joint
axi/o- axis
-blast immature cell
bunion/o- bunion
calcane/o- calcaneus (heel bone)
cancell/o- lattice structure
capsul/o- capsule (enveloping structure)
carp/o- wrist
cartilagin/o- cartilage
cav/o- hollow space
-centesis procedure to puncture
cervic/o- neck; cervix
chem/o- chemical, drug
chondr/o- cartilage
-clast cell that breaks down substances
clavicu/o- clavicle
coccyg/o- coccyx (tail bone)
comminut/o- break into minute pieces
compress/o- press together
coron/o- encircling structure
corpor/o- body
cortic/o- cortex (outer region)
cost/o- rib
densit/o- density
depress/o- press down
-desis procedure to fuse together
dextr/o- right
diaphys/o- shaft of a bone
dis- away from
disk/o- disk
-ectomy surgical excision
-ee person who is the object of an action
epiphys/o- growth area on the end of a bone
ethm/o- sieve
extern/o- outside
extra- outside of
faci/o- face
femor/o- femur (thigh bone)
fibul/o- fibula (lower leg bone)
fixat/o- to make stable or still
fract/o- break up
front/o- front
gener/o- production; creation
gen/o- arising from; produced by
glen/o- socket of a joint
goni/o- angle
-graft tissue for implant or transplant
-gram a record or picture
--graphy process of recording
hem/o- blood
humer/o- humerus (upper arm bone)
hy/o- U-shaped structure
-ia condition, state, thing
-ial pertaining to
-ic pertaining to
-ics knowledge, practice
ili/o- ilium (hip bone)
-ine pertaining to
inflammat/o- redness and warmth
inject/o- insert or put in
inter- between
intra- within
-ion action; condition
ischi/o- ischium (hip bone)
-ity state; condition
-ization process of making, creating or inserting
kyph/o- bent; humpbacked
lacrim/o- tears
later/o- side
lev/o- left
ligament/o- ligament
locat/o- a place
log/o- word; the study of
lord/o- swayback
lumb/o- lower back; area between the ribs and pelvis
mal- bad; inadequate
malac/o- softening
malleol/o- malleolus
mandibul/o- mandible (lower jaw)
maxill/o- maxilla (upper jaw)
medi/o- middle
medull/o- medulla (inner region)
menisc/o- meniscus (crescent-shaped cartilage)
-ment action; state
meta- after; subsequent to; transition; change
-meter instrument used to measure
-metry process of measuring
mineral/o- mineral; electrolyte
muscul/o- muscle
myel/o- bone marrow; spinal cord; myelin
nas/o- nose
occipit/o- occiput (back of the head)
olisthe/o- slipping
-olisthesis abnormal condition and process of slipping
-oma tumor, mass
orth/o- straight
-ory having the function of
-osis condition; abnormal condition; process
osse/o- bone
ossicul/o- ossicle (little bone)
ossificat/o- changing into bone
oste/o- bone
-ous pertaining to
palat/o- palate
pariet/o- wall of a cavity
patell/o- patella (kneecap)
path/o- disease, suffering
-pathy disease, suffering
ped/o- child
pelv/o- pelvis (hip bone, renal pelvis)
peri- around
perone/o- fibula (lower leg bone)
phalang/o- phalanx (finger or toe)
physic/o- body
-physis state of growing
-phyte growth
-plasty process of reshaping by surgery
poplite/o- back of knee
por/o- small openings; pores
prosthet/o- artificial part
pub/o- pubis (hip bone)
radi/o- radius (forearm bone), x-rays; radiation
reduct/o- to bring back; decrease
rheumat/o- watery discharge
sacr/o- sacrum
sagitt/o- going from front to back
sarc/o- connective tissue
scapul/o- scapula (shoulder blade)
scint/i- point of light
scoli/o- curved, crooked
-scope instrument used to examine
scop/o- examine with an instrument
-scopy process of using an instrument to examine
skelet/o- skeleton
sorb/o- to suck up
sphen/o- wedge shape
spin/o- spine; backbone
spir/o- a coil
spondyl/o- vertebra
stern/o- sternum (breast bone)
-steroid steroid
steroid/o- steroid
sym- together, with
synov/o- synovium (membrane)
tars/o- ankle
tempor/o- temple (side of the head)
therap/o- treatment
-therapy treatment
thorac/o- thorax (chest)
tibi/o- tibia (shin bone)
-tic pertaining to
-tion a process; being or having
-tome instrument used to cut; area with distince edges
tom/o- a cut, slice, or layer
tract/o- pulling
trans- across, through
transplant/o- move something to another place
trochanter/o- trochanter
turbin/o- scroll-like structure; turbinate
uln/o- ulna (forearm bone)
-ure system; result of
vascul/o- blood vessel
-verse to travel; to turn
vertebr/o- vertebra
xiph/o- sword
zygomat/o- zygoma (cheek bone)
Created by: WashMom